(Jason Crawford is shown standing at the bedside of his good friend Devin Morales. Morales was seriously injured in what he believed would be a routine match against Mr. Goldstein. Morales currently looks as though he was involved in a terrible automobile accident and was mauled  by a vicious animal at the same time. The man looks terrible and currently appears to be in an unconscious state. Crawford is joined as always by his manager the lovely Temptress and Bodyguard Big Phil both dressed in their usual attires while Crawford is dressed in a Ralph Lauren suit that appears to be a dark blue color with pinstripes a black dress shirt and black wingtip shoes. He appears to be deeply troubled by what’s happened to Morales and begins speaking to his friend as though he can hear him.)


Crawford: Devin, Man I’m really sorry about what happened to you and the fact that I wasn’t there when that bastard did this to you. This isn’t professional wrestling this is savage and needless violence that gives professional wrestling a bad name. Mark my words old friend what happened to you will be avenged when I face Goldstein in that cage. Everything he did to you will be revisited on him tenfold.


(Fade out with Crawford and company leaving)


(Hours pass and Crawford is now standing in a promo room built and paid for by Jon Tees. He cuts right to the chase and sets up a Wednesday Night Revolution backdrop. Phil takes his place on the left and Temptress on the right. He sets up the camera and begins speaking. Everyone is still in their earlier attires.)


Jason Crawford: Goldstein, Goldstein, Goldstein you’ve really done it now Goldie. Your aim may have been to frighten me or send me some sort of message when you injured my friend Devin Morales a man I grew up with and broke into this business with, but all you’ve done is piss me off and the time is coming for you to pay the piper. I’m not afraid of you and I know what kind of man you are all too well. You see Goldstein you’re a relic in this industry and have been around since the golden days of the 1940’s and 50’s whenever this thing started to really take off. You’re like that dinosaur that refused to go extinct but your time is up and my time is now. I watched you as a kid viciously attack and deliberately injure opponents. Any match against you could easily be someone’s last due to your violent and sadistic nature. It was never about the competition to you, it was always about inflicting as much misery as you possibly could. Then as I got older and got into the business, I began teaming with you, you and I traveled the highways and byways together and I watched as you looked down your nose at everyone as though you were God’s gift to pro wrestling and were so much better than everyone else. You even looked down on yours truly in spite of my being a fifth generation wrestler believing yourself to be head and shoulders better than me. You never respected me, the business or anyone else and only cared about satisfying your own ego and causing others as much pain as humanly possible in the process. You seem to have this delusional belief that you’re just going to plow right through me in this cage match because…. Well… you’re Mr. Goldstein and I’m not… reality check dumbass of course I’m not Mr. Goldstein…. I’m Jason Crawford. You’re the very distinct past and I’m the very near future it’s as simple as that. Believe what you will Goldstein but I’m going to give you the lesson in humility and respect that you claim that I need.

Jason Crawford: A lesson you never learned is that professional wrestling isn’t about hurting people it’s about competition and entertaining the fans. I know the risks involved in facing you probably better than anyone else due to all that time we spent together. I know what you are going to try to do and I’ll counter it and if necessary give you a taste of your own medicine karma is a real bitch and so are you. I sat back and watched several of your promos in most of them you seem to question why I would dare challenge you… you the great and powerful Goldstein, a man who has never been defeated to a cage match of all things… well here is your answer. So that when not if I defeat you you’ll have no excuses. You won’t be able to blame anyone else for interfering or getting involved. You and I will be locked inside of a fifteen foot high steel cage engaged in a fight to the finish. Two men enter… one man survives and emerges victorious and then continues on in this tournament. Tees has poisoned your already aging mind with garbage about how much better you are than me. I’m a fifth generation professional wrestler from the famous Crawford wrestling family. I believe you have heard of them unless you’ve been living under a rock.  I was born to be wrestling royalty this business is my life and I am this business don’t take that as an ego trip but I embody everything great about this business and this business is truly apart of me. Of course you wouldn’t understand that being as how your only aim is to humiliate and hurt people and get paid well for doing so. Your basically a mercenary in spandex more or less.



(Crawford pauses and then turns his attention to Tees)


Crawford: And what are you going to do Tees since you can’t interfere and stick your nose somewhere it doesn’t belong? You’ve been running your mouth about me and my two associates since the divorce acting as though we betrayed you. Betrayal is such a strong word, too strong of a word. Truth be told Tees none of us ever needed you for anything. You latched onto us like some parasite and the rest was history until we finally unloaded your sorry ass. My only regret is that I didn’t ditch you sooner I’m sure the same can be said for my associates. If you do foolishly attempt something you’ll get bitch slapped by Temptress and a mud hole stomped in your ass by Phil here. You can keep playing the victim but we all know the honest to goodness truth of the matter you’re far from it. Try and get involved I triple dog dare you to.


Crawford: Long story short I’m going to win this match by escaping the cage after beating the holy hell out of Mr. Goldstein and then I’m going to advance in this tournament and become champion. I’m really wishing you luck in your match Tees as nothing would make my victory any sweeter than kicking the crap out of you and becoming champion proving to you and everyone else that I never needed you, don’t need you and never will need you as I’m not only perfect I’m also Canadian.


(Fade out with Temptress smiling in the background and Big Phil looking stoic)


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