(The video for Sean “Puff Daddy (or whatever the fuck his nickname is these days’ video for “Coming Home” featuring Skylar Grey is currently in the process of playing on a large screen television. The video plays to completion  and then fades out. We then come upon Jon Tees sitting on a shay’s lounger dressed in a white suit with a red dress shirt. Tees begins speaking or rather singing.)


Tees: I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell that world that I’m coming home. That’s right NWF Big Daddy Tees the man that dominated this promotion for over a year is on his way back and you guessed it I’m planning on dominating it again. Last time around even though I was undefeated for the entire time that I was here, I was still ignored in terms of getting a championship opportunity. They over looked me in favor of giving opportunities to Arcan, Mike Allen, James Storm, Chris Harris, Heavy Metal, Irving Von Hastings or whatever his name was and pretty much everyone other than yours truly. But this time around things will be different they’ll be no favoritism, no backstage politics and no Bullshit as my good friend and buddy the new and might I add improved NWF President Mr. Juan Santoro runs a fair and even game unlike that crooked cocksucker Diego Jarrett who would have been better suited to run for congress or go on some reality show where backstabbing and treachery are rewarded.


(Tees pauses and takes a sip of water.)


Tees: Speaking of backstabbing little cunts that brings me to my former wife Temptress. The bitch that was sleeping with numerous clients of mine, and when I found out she opted for a divorce and in my estimation slept with the judge who ended up granting her the contracts of Jason Crawford and my bodyguard Big Phil. Neither of those men who I thought were loyal to me really seemed to protest this decision and sort of just went along with it. But I digress. Its water under the bridge now and what goes around comes around. I have far more pressing matters to attend to which include the prestigious NWF Championship which has eluded me for far too long.


Tees: This week I’ll be facing a man I know very well in Mesterio Raine and someone I don’t know at all Jon Hartley in a triple threat match. Jon Hartley’s very presence in this high profile main event match proves how Juan Santoro is willing to give young, up and coming wrestlers opportunities and Mr. Hartley you might not realize just how much of an opportunity you’ve been given to set foot in the ring with two legends like Mesterio Raine and myself in your very first match here in the new and improved NWF. But Hartley don’t expect either of us to take it easy on you you’re in for a very violent and brutal night, a night that you will not soon forget and that will etch itself into your nightmares for years to come. Don’t say I didn’t warn you kid. I’m sure you have a bright future ahead of you, if you didn’t you quite simply wouldn’t be here but you aren’t going to make a name for yourself at my expense at least not the way you are hoping to.


Tees: And Mesterio as mentioned you and I are no strangers to each other. We have faced off a few times and you’ve gotten many a questionable victory over me in a few different places but victories none the less and victories I will be looking to avenge on Wednesday evening. The way I see things you may have beaten me in a few pre-season and regular season games in the past but this is the bloody play offs son, and I’ll be damned if I pass up my long awaited opportunity to become NWF Champion so you had best bring your A game if you hope to have a shot. I waited a very long time to even be granted this opportunity but you wouldn’t know anything about that would you? Every time you come into a wrestling promotion you seem to be placed right in the world title picture if not outright being handed the title… well not this time Mysterio this is not Anarchy Wrestling, It’s not PWI and it sure as hell is not OWF this is the mother fucking NWF the greatest wrestling promotion in the history of professional wrestling, mainly because it’s the wrestling promotion that Jon Tees calls “home.”


Tees: I got better things to do than sit here and talk all day telling you things that you already know or at least that you should know. In closing, I’ll just say this you have both been warned and put on notice and the bell now tolls for the both of you. Your time in this tournament is borrowed and when bells start tolling heads start rolling see you boys on Wednesday.


(Fade out with Tees laughing.)