(Kevin Watkins comes into view dressed as a teacher in a blue dress shirt, with a wine colored tie, black dress pants with a black belt and a pair of black dress shoes. He is also wearing eye glasses and really looks the part. Watkins’ hair is slicked back a bit. He immediately begins speaking addressing the camera although he knows he’s being watched/recorded.)

Kevin Watkins: Hello again my students it is I your teacher, mentor and savior the man who bravely and gallantly fought for your freedom so you can squander it worshiping pieces of trash like my opponent this coming Wednesday Ivan Taylor. Taylor is an abuser of the freedom I fought for, rather than use it for something worthwhile like improving his own wretched life and/or the lives of others Taylor engages in drug use and promiscuous sex with strange women and men I hear as well. The guy is a pervert and a low life yet you ignoramuses worship and adore him, you make him into your idol and aspire to be just like him. You and Taylor are headed own the same path of death and destruction and don’t even realize it but fear not I will show you the error of your ways, being as how you aren’t dead yet it isn’t too late to change course and get your lives back in the right direction, on the right track. The only thing that is really dead is Ivan Taylor’s chances at becoming champion because it all ends here in this the very first round of the tournament. To say that I am going to defeat Taylor is an understatement but rather I’m going to destroy him and make an example out of him. I’m going to show you all exactly what happens to people like Ivan Taylor sooner or later so that you can learn from his mistakes and your foolish decision to follow him and change course.

(Watkins pauses and takes a sip of water.)

Kevin Watkins: (Laughing evilly for no known apparent reason.)

Kevin Watkins: I fought and killed for this country to keep you all free and you repay me with blatant disrespect.

(Watkins takes another sip of water and seems to be freaking out and having some sort of a spasm.)

Watkins: (Smiling evilly) Taylor you’re what’s wrong with this country, spoiled, worthless people from elsewhere who come here with their entitlement issues thinking that America owes you something. It owes you nothing other than a violent and brutal beating and shipping your battered and bloody corpse back from whence you came you pathetic piece of dog shit. You are nothing… absolutely nothing, you’ve done nothing and you’ll be nothing you have no idea what you are up against this coming Wednesday no idea of the hell that will be unleashed on you. I’m a better wrestler than you (takes a pointer and clicks on a chart showing statics backing up his high school and collegiate wrestling career.) I’m a better fighter than you (shows a chart that details the number of brawls he’s won over the years.) and above all else I’m a better solider than you (points to his military record including saving numerous allies and killing numerous enemies.) I’m just plain and simply better than you in every possible way. I’m going to run you over and move onward along the path to becoming NWF Champion and there isn’t a damn thing you nor anyone else can do about it. This place needs a hero and I’m going to give it to them. I didn’t sacrifice, fight and kill to return to the wrestling industry and not become champion. This is what I’ve waited and trained for my entire life and I’ll be damned if you deny me what’s rightfully mine you pathetic, worthless puke.

(Watkins breaks a ruler over his knee and begins trashing the class room destroying various globes, computers and other things in an angry rage.)

Watkins: I’m a man who is to be feared and respected and as God as my witness I will be. I’m sick and tired of you ungrateful punks who live in a fantasy world taking men like me who have given everything for your freedom just so you can get drunk, stick a needle in your arm and pass out for hours or even days. If you want to be unconscious so badly I’ll gladly beat you into a coma. It would be my honor people like you who set a poor example need to be made an example of and I’m just the man to do it.

(Fade out)