( A large tank is shown rolling through the streets of a rundown section of Detroit. Houses are dilapidated; there are obvious signs of homelessness and drug use such as the presence of  bums and crack houses.  The tank comes to a stop and the driver comes up through the latch just a bit its Kevin Watkins dressed in his military fatigues. Watkins begins speaking immediately.)


Kevin Watkins: I’m a lot like this great and powerful tank. Unstoppable and indestructible, and when I get to the National Wrestling Federation I’m going to roll over and destroy everyone ignorant and foolish enough to cross my path and get in my way. My mission is clear and simple to become your NWF Champion and put you back on a path of righteousness. You might not like it but you’ll learn to love it and will be thanking me for doing what’s in your best interest for the rest of your worthless lives . Good day to you but we’ll be seeing each other again shortly.


(Watkins goes back down the latch and continues on a path of destruction blowing up and running over various rundown buildings as the scene fades with him riding off into the distance.)



Chocolate Delivery