(Mr. Goldstein appears in the backstage interview area very old school like along with his manager Jon Tees. Goldstein is dressed in a golden colored robe with what appear to be diamonds embedded into it. This for those who know is the robe he usually wears during his entrance. Tees is dressed in a black and white pinstripe suit with a black shirt and a blue colored tie. His shoes are black though not visible due to his enormous size. There is what appears to be a piece of the cage that Goldstein and Crawford will step into when they face off against each other in front of Goldstein and Tees. Tees begins speaking first and foremost. The backdrop is a simple Wednesday Night Revolution logo)

Tees: Jason Crawford, you arrogant, ungrateful punk, you betrayed me and took a knife and shoved it into my heart after all I’ve done for you. I mentored you, I trained you, I fathered you in the absence of your own father and you repay me with betrayal and siding with my bitch ex-wife of all people? You are definitely a Crawford through and through you stupid, good for nothing son of a bitch and you’ll get exactly what’s coming to you when you step into the ring with this man right here your former tag team partner and stable mate the man who carried you through countless tag team contest Mr. Goldstein.

(Goldstein begins talking.)

Goldstein: Crawford no one ever accused you of being smart but your stupidity amazes even a man of my superior intellect. Why in the world would you sign on to face me in a cage match of all things? Were you not paying attention as I ended and shortened countless careers or were you too busy jerking off or trying to sleep with women old enough to be your whore of a mother? Whatever the case Crawford you signed your death warrant when you betrayed this man and our entire organization. I never liked you and sure as hell never respected you. I merely tolerated you out of the respect that I have for Mr. Tees nothing more nothing less. If it were up to me you never would have associated with us in the first place as quite frankly you are unworthy of scrubbing my toilet yet alone teaming with me and I have no problem proving this to the entire world when we step into that cage on Wednesday and I end your worthless career once and for all.

Tees: Crawford you chose to join the circus over the mafia and although you’ll have to live with your foolish decision you won’t be living with it for very long your days are now numbered pal. This may not officially be a career vs career match but mark my words your career will end inside of that cage at the hands of this man, your superior, your better this man has forgotten more about hurting people and putting them out of action than you will ever know.  Your name will be added to that every growing list of men who thought that they could compete with Mr. Goldstein only to find out that they weren’t in his league or on his level and paid a heavy price by having their careers come to a screeching Holt. You have heard me deliver this line countless times when it was addressed to other people and now it’s addressed toward you, you know me as a man of my word, someone who says what he means and means what he says so believe me when I tell you that you have been warned and the bell now tolls for you and when bells start tolling heads start rolling.

Goldstein: Crawford I carried your worthless behind for entirely too long and now it’s someone else’s turn to carry you… carry you out see you Wednesday until then pleasant dreams (laughs evilly)

(Fade out)



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