( A liberal college professor who happens to be named Guy walks into a Laundromat in suburban Hopewell, NJ it’s a lovely spring evening the sun is just beginning to set and there is a bit of a chill in the air. Guy is dressed in a t-shirt that reads “Dadaist Cowboys” which appears as though he made himself, a pair of jeans and sneakers. He looks to be in his early sixties as his hair is a salt and pepper color with a combination of gray and black. His face is rather young looking for his age and he is clean shaven. Guy walks over to one of the machines and prepares to do some laundry. While sorting through his pockets he removes exactly 25 cents and places it onto the washer he is currently using. He literally turns around for a second to either tie his shoe or pick something up off of the floor and when he turns back around the meager 25 cents is gone having been stolen. Guy looks dumfounded and wonders what the hell happened to his change. He thinks maybe he’s losing his mind or never really put the change there to begin with but in reality a crafty thief saw a brief moment of opportunity and made off with Guy’s chunk change. Guy continues doing his laundry still wondering what happened to that 25 cents and then makes his exit from the Laundromat. )


(The end)


Chocolate Delivery