(Bayamón, Puerto Rico  July 17, 1988)


(We are in the backstage area at a World Wrestling Council event and see several very familiar wrestlers hanging around. The likes of Carlos Colón, Tony Atlas, Harley Race, Terry Funk and several others. An interesting face suddenly shows up that might be more familiar to modern wrestling fans. The face belongs to Jon Tees who oddly looks exactly as he does in the modern era. Tees is dressed in a pair of black leather biker pants and a red and black muscle shirt with black biker boots. He  begins greeting the other wrestlers and in particular seems to ask where Bruiser Brody is. He is given directions to Brody’s locker room and travels down a long hallway to get there. He knocks on the door and Brody answers.)


Bruiser Brody: WHO THE HELL IS IT?!

Tees: It’s me.

Brody: And who the fuck are you?

Tees: Jon Tees, you and I are working together in a tag match tonight.

Brody: Tag match? What the fuck do you mean a tag match? I work alone shit for brains now get the hell out of here before I pound your fucking face in.

Tees: Mr. Brody… with all due respect sir I’m not even in the room. You’re yelling at me through the door.


(With that Brody opens the door.)


Brody: Get the fuck out of here you worthless pile of monkey crap!.


Tees: But the booker put us together in a tag match and I just wanted some advice.

Brody: I gave you my advice get out of here while the getting is good!!!

Tees: I’m not going anywhere Brody. I didn’t come all of this way for nothing.

Brody: I have to admire your heart if nothing else. You certainly don’t have much of a brain come in for a beer then.

Tees: Ok, will do.


(Brody and Tees enter the locker room and begin drinking an entire six pack.Once they are finished the two continue their conversation.)


Brody: The best advice I can give you is look out for number one and don’t trust a damn person in this rotten shit business. People will stab you in the back in a heartbeat and no one will do a damn thing for you unless it’s convenient for them. Which it almost never fucking is. I have to go meet with some guy in the shower to discuss business I’ll see you out there later on.


Tees: Ok, thank you Mr. Brody.


(Brody heads into the showers to “discuss business” with promoter/wrestler José González a scuffle is heard and Tony Atlas later finds Brody clutching his stomach and bleeding with González standing over him holding a knife. Brody dies and Tees disappears as mysteriously as he arrived. No one even remembers Tees having been there much less being booked on the card. Brody was scheduled for a singles match with Dan Spivey later that evening.)


(Fade out)


(October 22nd, 2001)

(Jon Tees has just single handedly saved Smack: CCW from the clutches of the SWO by defeating the entire SWO roster in a gauntlet match capping it off by beating the leader of the SWO Big Badd Wolf in his signature match a glass tables match for full control of Smack: CCW.  Tees is shown being congratulated by his comrades Tim Jones, Big Ern, JJ Crawford, Dustin Crawford, Matt Holton, Lucky Irish, Adam Stone and many, many others most of whom were taken out by the SWO during their invasion of the CCW. Tees was the only one left standing and as a commentator at the time was not seen as a threat by the SWO upper echelon. They would soon come to regret their mistake when the man they overlooked and underestimated was responsible for their ultimate downfall. A shot of Big Badd Wolf is shown defeated, and vanquished crawling out of the arena in defeat along with many of his cohorts. )


Tim Jones: You did it Tees, you pulled it off we knew you could do it.  You beat that no good son of a bitch in his own match after taking out the best he had to offer.


JJ Crawford: I never doubted you for a second… I knew you had it in you and you didn’t disappoint.


Big Ern: I have to admit, I did have my doubts about you at first Tees but you more than proved me wrong and earned my respect. (Ern extends his hand and shakes Tees’)


Lucky Irish: I’m glad you came through… Because of you Smack: CCW will survive for many more years the threat is gone.


Tees: Don’t mention it all in a days work. It’s what those bastards get for overlooking and underestimating me. If you don’t see me as a threat this is the sort of thing that happens to you.


Dustin Crawford: I don’t think anyone is ever going to take you lightly again, not after this. You have earned your place as a man who should be both feared and respected.


Tim Jones: If and when I have a son some day I’m going to name him after you. You’ve been nothing short of a brother to me during my companies time of need, I don’t know how to thank you or how to repay you for all you’ve done.


Tees: Like I said no thanks required only doing my job.

(Everyone toasts to Tees and a wild party ensues.)


(November, 1999)

(Tees is shown preparing for his “debut” in the locker room when he’s informed that his opponent has refused to wrestle him due to the fact that he’s a “worthless nobody” angry Tees storms into the man’s locker room and beats the crap out of him basically wallpapering the room with him and no doubt leaving a lasting impression. Oddly, not fired he’s moved up to a higher level match by an impressed promoter. He wins the match and goes on to become champion a short time later)

(Fade out)


(Present Day. Tees is shown laying in bed alongside his lovely wife Temptress. Just waking up he prepares to face another day. He heads down to his personal gym and puts in a heck of a work out. Afterwards he has breakfast, takes a shower, makes love to his wife, takes another shower, has lunch, hits the gym again, takes another shower and then dresses in an expensive suit. Oddly, he doesn’t go out on the town but rather goes down to his own personal promo room. He sets up a simple backdrop nothing more than his name and image. He sets up a camera and begins speaking getting right to the point.)


Tees: For over 20 years I have dominated this business everywhere I’ve gone, everyone I faced. There is nothing I haven’t accomplished, nothing. I’ve done it all and than some and have seen em come and I’ve seen em go countless times. I’ve watched people debut and watched them retire and I’m still here and still going strong. Physically I don’t look or feel any older than I did the day that I started in this business. But emotionally, mentally and spiritually I’ve evolved to a level that no one else can comprehend. I’m a whole different animal now, a rampaging, unstoppable beast who is going to charge right through everyone who dares get in my way on my path toward yet another world championship.


Tees: Mesterio Raine you talk a tough game. I’ll give you that and you aren’t a bad wrestler at all. But I can hear the fear and intimidation in your voice. You know you are heading into a war that you simply cannot win against a monster with a brain, a monster who lacks compassion and doesn’t know the meaning of the word mercy. You may have beaten some impressive names in this industry and won countless championships in promotions where I wasn’t mind you. But you have never fully had the Jon Tees experience and until you’ve had the Jon Tees experience you haven’t accomplished jack shit in your pathetic, meaningless, empty, pointless existence. Yes, you’ve gotten a few cheap wins over me, but you were facing someone with rust, someone accustomed to administrative positions at those particular times. But now I’m back at top form as a wrestler and I’m in  better shape than I’ve been in, in years. I don’t hate you, this is not personal as a matter of fact you remind me of me in many respects. Another place, another time you and I may have been friends or formed an unbeatable team, but neither of these things are the case you and I are going to war this Sunday evening and only one of us will emerge and continue on. That person will be me. I will defeat you by rook or by crook it makes no difference to me a win is a win and the ends always justify the means. If I have to hurt you to beat you I will, if I have to end your career to beat you consider it done, if I have to fucking kill you you’re a dead man. Whatever it fucking takes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but Jon Tees is winning this match by any means necessary and moving onto bigger and better things.


(Fade out with Tees laughing)


(To be continued? Possibly)







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