( Jon Tees is shown intently beating a heavy bag at Goldstein’s gym one of the many businesses he co-owns along with his brother in-law and tag team partner Mr. Goldstein. Tees is really going to town on the heavy bag hitting it with rights and lefts and also viciously kneeing it on occasion. Tees takes a break to get a sip of water and then continues working the bag over. Suddenly, the bag opens and a bloody and beaten man falls out and falls to the ground in a heap. Goldstein comes into view dressed in a black pinstripe suit with a blue color dress shirt, black shoes and dark tinted sunglasses. Tees is dressed in shorts and a muscle shirt with white and gray sneakers. Goldstein begins speaking)

Goldstein: You see what happens when you don’t pay Murray you suffer.

(Murray struggles to breathe as Tees kicks him in the ribs.)

Tees: We’ve been good to you Murray and let it slide for a while but you took advantage of our kindness and mistook it for weakness. Now we’ve shown you that we aren’t weak and we do in fact mean business. Get the hell out of here and make sure you pay next time. (kicks Murray again for good measure.)

(Tees heads to the showers and comes out dressed in a royal blue suit with a silver colored dress shirt with a silver tie and shiny black shoes Tees says goodbye to Goldstein and prepares to take his wife (Goldstein’s sister) out to lunch on the town… fade out.)

 (Several hours have passed and Tees is now shown sitting behind his desk in his promo room he immediately begins speaking as cameras are rolling.)

Tees:  Mesterio Raine we meet again. Though you may not remember our previous encounters I haven’t forgotten them. You see Raine, I owe you big time for some of the past indiscretions you’ve committed against me. And believe you me I will pay you back with interest and then some when we face off this coming Sunday Night. Allow me to jar your memory Raine since to say you’ve taken one too many shots to the head throughout your career would be  a huge understatement.

Tees: Every time you made one of your “big returns” in Anarchy Wrestling it was often at the expense of myself and/or one of my associates, and often in the context of you costing one or more of us a championship opportunity. We were loyalist in Anarchy Wrestling. Always there for the promotion when it needed us but you on the other hand were only around when it suited you and was in your best interest. You abandoned the promotion numerous times only to later make one of these “big returns” and screw me out of a championship opportunity. I haven’t forgotten. If this wasn’t bad enough you also got a cheap win over me in some rinky dink, hole in the wall promotion run by that fucktard Paul Harrison whose hobbies include ripping people off and drinking heavily. Although, you may see PWI as a new dawn, a new day I haven’t forgotten.  I’m now going to cost you a championship opportunity by defeating you in the first round of this tournament and I can assure you once myself or one of my associates win you’ll never be champion here.  You can say whatever you want, but in reality you never could hold a candle to me and what I’ve accomplished throughout my long and illustrious career. I’m not going to allow some tattooed, drug addicted freak such as yourself to represent this company as it’s champion and come hell or high water this is something that I’m going to prevent.  You have been warned Raine and the bell now toll for you and when bells start tolling heads start rolling.

(Fade out with Tees laughing)