(We begin with a shot of a sharply dressed Mr. Goldstein wearing a custom black and gray pinstripe suit, with a white shirt and red and black tie with black shoes so shiny you could see your reflection off of them. Goldstein appears to be in the middle of doing a commercial of some sort as cameras are filming him. He is standing in his privately owned and operated cemetery which like everything else has the name Goldstein on it. This particular cemetery is referred to as “Goldstein’s Jewish Cemetery.”)

Mr. Goldstein: So if you or someone else is Jewish and is looking for an elite place for your eternal rest come on down to Goldstein’s Jewish cemetery. The only Jewish cemetery that has just the right amount of class, sophistication and style.

Director: Cut that’s a wrap. That was perfect absolutely perfect just the right delivery Goldstein you’ve done it again.

Goldstein: I know, aren’t you glad that I do my own commercials? I mean I could pay other people to do them for me but I save so much money this way. Money saved is money made I always say. I didn’t get rich pissing my money away.

(With that line Goldstein lights a cigar with a $50 bill as though it’s nothing. He runs into Jon Tees who is standing by.)

Mr. Goldstein: So whose the unfortunate soul whose going to be going against me this week boss?

Tees: Some Mexican woman Amelie Guerrero… claims to be from the legendary Guerrero family but in all honesty I’ve never heard of her.

Mr. Goldstein: I haven’t either and I have been at this for over 20 years much like yourself. I have heard of every other Guerrero besides this Amelie, perhaps she is one of the male Guerrero’s in drag as part of one of their weird fantasies.

Tees: Who knows… very well could be.

Mr. Goldstein: And another thing I’m wrestling a woman? Why am I wrestling a woman? I have been wrestling for two decades and have never been booked against a woman before. It’s just not my thing. I’ve taken some tough men and made they cry, beg and plead but facing a woman adds a whole new dimension to things.

Tees: It’s this new age, politically correct everybody’s equal things. There aren’t separate male and female divisions anymore everyone faces everyone.

Mr. Goldstein: I have no problem with it, but someone must really hate this woman to put her in the ring with me. Knowing I’m not opposed to slapping a woman around from time to time and putting her in her place if need be. Perhaps someone wants me to teach this woman a lesson and do just that.

(Several hours pass and we are now in Goldstein’s penthouse apartment in Costa Rica where he spends his winters. There is a large HDTV in the center of the living room, all manner of modern appliances and not to mention collectables like gold and silver coins and valuable figurines. We look out the window and see a panoramic view with the bluest of oceans on one side and mountains on the other. Goldstein and Tees are now in Goldstein’s promo room a special room he had built just to cut promos from home. The backdrop is simply an image of The Syndicate and is very old school looking for anyone who grew up on classic wrestling where promos set against backdrops such as this were typical. Tees and Goldstein are dressed much the same way as they were earlier in expensive suits. Tees begins speaking first.)

Tees: Amelie you have no idea what you have gotten yourself in for by signing the contract to face this man right here in the first round of the championship tournament. This man is the soon to be franchise and golden goose of this organization. He’s beaten some of the roughest and toughest men this business has ever seen. Terry Funk, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Michael “P.S” Hayes, Ronnie Garvin, Dusty Rhodes, Dick “The Bruiser” and many others. Most of whom you have probably heard of some you more than likely haven’t. He’s been at this for over 20 years and has captured championships all over the globe wrestling and beating the best that there has ever been. Why on earth this promotion would put him against a woman is beyond me, but whatever we’re progressive and change with the times. If you want to act like a man and enter a man’s game we have no problem treating you like a man. When that bell sounds this man won’t see your gender he’ll simply see you as someone standing between himself and the PWI championship an obstacle if you will and we plow right through obstacles.

(Goldstein begins speaking.)

Mr. Goldstein: Amelie Guerrero I’m old school and accustomed to fighting men. This man vs woman thing is relatively new to me on a professional level anyway. Sure throughout my life I’ve put more than a few women who were out of line back in their place. You need to learn one thing sweet heart men are far superior to women, always have been and always will be. A woman’s place is in the home bare foot and pregnant. You have no business in my wrestling ring and seem to not realize this. But you’ll learn your role after you have the Goldstein experience this coming Sunday. You can get angry and shoot your mouth off, we all know you’re a typical feisty Latina with a very big mouth a mouth that I can think of far better uses for than trying to engage myself in verbal combat. But whatever the case Amelie, I take being booked against a woman as an insult an insult that you are going to personally pay for even though you didn’t make the match.

(Tees began speaking again)

Tees: Amelie you may come from a legendary family but I single handedly created and built a legendary family and am not just a member of one. You have been given your warning and the bell now tolls for you and when bells start tolling heads start rolling see you Sunday! In what will be one of the darkest, bloodiest and saddest days of your young life.

(Tees laughs evilly as the scene fades.)

Mr. Goldstein: You know I almost feel bad about what I’m going to do to this poor girl… almost.

Tees: But almost only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes. We didn’t target this whore so there’s nothing to feel sorry about. The promoter is the one who should feel bad… her blood will be on his hands not ours.