(We begin in the backstage area where a sharply dressed man is standing holding a microphone. The man is dressed in a black and gray pinstripe suit that looks like something out of the 1930’s, shiny black shoes, and a bluish dress shirt without a tie. The man is none other than Tony Carter a renowned journalist who specializes in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Carter begins speaking.)

Tony Carter: Hello peons, peasants and piss-ants. It’s me, it’s me Mr. Wrestling Tony C. And I’m here live with the members of The Syndicate a soon to be debuting faction in PWI. Welcome gentlemen.

(Jon Tees, Mr. Goldstein and Das Ungeheuer all come into view. Tees is wearing a royal blue suit with a golden color sport shirt and black wing tip shoes. Goldstein is dressed as though he’s prepared to compete in one of his expensive robes, and Das Ungeheuer is dressed in a black pair of jeans with no shirt. Tees shakes Carter’s hand.)

Tees: Thank you Tony, it’s an honor to have you back in my employ as our own personal interviewer. You are the only person that I have ever met who knows how to properly conduct an interview. It’s sad really, that in all my years you are the only one who ever got it right out of those countless people that have attempted to interview yours truly.

Tony C:
Thank you Mr. Tees, that means a lot coming from you. Anyway, you have recently returned to the wrestling scene in PWI along with these two gentleman your son and brother in law what are your plans?

Tees: Plans are simple and are the same as they have been for over 20 years. Everywhere the Syndicate has gone we have dominated and destroyed and it’ll be no different here. Anyone unfortunate enough to get in our way will be obliterated it’s that simple. We are going to collect all of the gold and rule over this place with an iron fist. I don’t see anyone who could potentially stop the unbeatable combination of two monsters and a savvy Jewish business man.

Tony Carter: Do you have your sights set on anyone in particular?

Tees: Not really we have the money and we have the power you just can’t compete with that.

Tony C:
If you don’t mind me asking where have you been during your absence between your time in ESW and now with PWI nearly six or possibly seven months later?

I have been here, I’ve been there I’ve been just about everywhere… as you know I’m a man who loves to travel and with the amount of money I’ve made over the course of my career everywhere I go it’s first class all of the way.

(Mr. Goldstein began speaking)

Mr. Goldstein: No one can compete with my undisputable talent or my bank account, accept maybe this man right here my brother in law. That’s why we make such an excellent team. We’ve been teaming together for over 20 years, and combine that with the fact that this monster to the left of me is this man’s son I just can’t even fathom anyone who is even going to hinder our dominance of this place.

(Das Ungeheuer seems as though he’s going to speak but makes a growling/barking noise in stead.)

Mr. Goldstein: You see this man is scary and he’s been trained by the absolute best in this industry, trained by the best to be the best.

Tees: The entire roster of PWI has been warned and the bells now toll for anyone and everyone foolish enough to get in our way. When bells start tolling heads start rolling.

Tony C: Thank you gentleman for your time I have no doubts about your ability and the fact that you will bring everything you said to fruition.

Tees: You’re welcome Tony! Take it easy old friend.

(Tees and the other two men shake Carter’s hand and then depart from the area.)