March 4, 1985.

A huge hulking man who looks exactly like Bruiser Brophy appears to be delivering oil to a residence in Hamilton, NJ. Brophy oddly doesn’t appear any younger or older than he does in the present.  We follow this man as he makes several deliveries and collects his payments. He then takes a break where he lights up a cigar on the side of the curb. Brophy then begins speaking-thinking out loud thoughts that may best be kept quiet.

Brophy: Man, this isn’t the life I wanted stagnant, dead end job, four kids that I raise alone… wife dead. I honestly don’t feel like the person I was intended to be. Maybe I should just put a bullet in my head and call it a day… but then again I do have four children who depend on me… and I’m all they’ve got. I’d give anything to give them a better life… and do something I’d actually rather be doing. I wanted to be a pro wrestler and travel the world… but I had to knock that woman up and it didn’t just happen once it happened several times.

Suddenly there is a puff of smoke which Brophy is taken aback by as it appears mysteriously. A figure resembling Jon Tees in a red suit with black shoes and a black dress shirt appears wearing a match fedora and carrying a walking stick.

Brophy: Who the hell are you, and how did you get here?

Tees: I’m the answer to your prayer and can make that dream of yours come true… for a small, small, price of course.  You’ll do what you’ll love but for my benefit.

Brophy: Who are you anyway?

Tees: I have many names, so you interested in making that dream of yours come true?

Brophy: Of course, but what about my family and what of this “small price”?

Tees: They’ll be well taken care of and provided for… while you are away at my facility. When you return however, significant time would have passed and they may not remember you.  We’re talking 30 years in their time but to you it’ll seem like a couple of months.

Brophy: How is that possible?

Tees: it just is… nothing is impossible some things are just less likely than others that’s all. Now sign here.

Brophy signs the paper not really knowing what he is getting himself into. Before he can say another word he is whisked away to a mysterious island. The Island appears something like Never land in that you have areas that appear to be in eternal summertime and others that appear to be in  a constant state of miserable winter weather.  Brophy works with Tees for several years and is groomed and conditioned to become a great professional wrestler… one of the best. He doesn’t appear to age a day during his time here on Tees Island. Tees approaches him one day.

Tees: Brophy… you’ve learned everything you need to know here and have had the equitant of a 30 year career without aging a single day.  I think you are ready to return to the quote on quote “real world” and serve my purposes. I elect to stay here and help others so therefore you will eventually end up working with Tony Carter someone else I have groomed and he’ll full the role of being your manager. Do not attempt to contact anyone you’ve known in your previous existence as to them you are long dead… who knows what would happen to their mental states if you were to simply walk through the living room door after their last memory of you was watching your casket being lowered into the ground. Good luck and Godspeed!!!

With That Brophy is sent back to the same place in another time. His children are now grown and have children and grandchildren of their own; his neighborhood is a shell of what it once was.  Events continue as scheduled and he eventually ends up in Rampage Wrestling being managed by Tony Carter.

March 1, 2015

Brophy has just defeated Caspian King and has headed to the locker room with Tony Carter. The two look like night and day, Carter in a expensive three piece suit of a charcoal color with a red tie and a white shirt and Brophy with a tattered pair of jean shorts and a ripped t-shirt.

Tony Carter: You did well out there and delivered on what I said you would here is your cut (Carter hands Brophy some money)

Tony Carter: Next week, you will be facing Xavier a mystery man coming in and making his debut… I expect the same result and honestly can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t get it. With James out of the picture I see no reason why either yourself or Fuller can’t bring me The Heavyweight Title. Even if James were still around I see him as being easy prey for either one of you…. but this makes it slightly easier but every match matters and will continue to matter there are no pointless matches here…. not at this point just remember that.

Brophy says nothing just grunts in agreement I guess you could say.

Fade out

March 4, 2015

Several days have passed. Carter and Brophy are now in Carter’s basement preparing to cut a promo in Carter’s specially built “Promo Room.” Carter for reasons known only to him is dressed like a pimp from The Saints Row series of video games. Wearing a purple and white pinstripe suit with black shoes, a purple fedora with a feather in it, yellow tinted aviator glasses and a matching purple tie on a white dress shirt while carrying a walking stick.  Brophy is wearing a ripped Anarchy Wrestling T-shirt and a pair of tattered black jean shorts. Carter speaks while Brophy just stands there looking menacing.

Tony Carter: I told the world that my client Bruiser Brophy would destroy Caspian King and he did… I told the world that my other client Marvelous Marvin Fuller would knock out Major Chase and he did exactly that. When Tony Carter speaks the world needs to listen… now prepare for the next quote on quote “spoiler” provided by me, Mr. Wrestling Tony FUCKING C.. On The next edition of Sacrifice the new guy Xavier is going to be sacrificed when he meets his end at the hands of Bruiser Brophy. This Xavier likes to play mystery man…. much like Caspian King hiding information about himself… but it makes no difference we don’t need your life story to determine that you’re a dead man walking… just the simple fact that you’re going against Brophy is enough to make that determination.

Tony C: So Xavier kiss your loved ones goodbye for it may be the last time you ever see them, pay up your life insurance because you may need it and prepare yourself to come face to face with your maker because on Sunday, bloody Sunday… you’ve got a date with Bruiser Brophy which is a date with death and destruction all rolled into one don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Fade out with Carter laughing manically and Brophy growling in an animistic manner.