I had heard the stories about Brophy for years, ever since I was a child and had gone on camping trips with my family to a place called “Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort.” In Upper Black Eddy, PA. Suspected of being a mute, Brophy had allegedly murdered several tourists who he felt were “trespassers” who entered his camp site, and then proceeded to bury the bodies on the property. Nothing had ever been officially proven, but the legend continued to grow over the years. I spent much of my childhood and teenage years terrified of the man he even invaded several of my nightmares, until the point years later where after being hurt so many times I became emotionally numb and sort of dead inside. Then my fear subsided. As an adult I had gotten involved in professional wrestling as an interviewer and photographer for a magazine publication. It was during this point that I would encounter Brophy again. No longer afraid of him, I watched several of his matches and he was quite impressive in the ring with the way he’d physically dissect and brutalize his opponents. He took each and everyone of them apart piece by piece and I cannot recall a single one that lasted for so much as 3 minutes with him. Many were so terrified that they didn’t even show up when they saw they were booked against the brute. And to be honest, I can’t say as I blame any of them. I was assigned to photograph Brophy’s matches which I did (excellent job if I so myself) and then get a word with him. It was at this point that I remembered that the man was supposedly a mute and couldn’t speak. In all of the places he worked he always seemed to have a manager who did his talking for him. I thought to myself that I’d just find out who Brophy’s manager was and speak to this person. As it turned out he was managed by Frank Spiegel an elderly gentlemen who briefly managed my close, personal and longtime friend Jon Tees early on in Tees’ career. I approached Spiegel after one of Brophy’s impressive victories over some Mexican who I had never seen before, didn’t catch the name of and doubt I’ll ever see again so it really doesn’t matter. Brophy pretty much decapitated the man with a vicious boot and wasn’t finished with him yet. He finished him off with a vicious powerbomb that almost spilt the punk in half before covering him with a single boot to the chest. Brophy and Spiegel were nearly in the locker room when I approached.

Tony Carter: Mr. Spiegel can I get a word with you?

Spiegel: I’m beat can’t we make it for another time?

Carter: It won’t take long, I promise.

Spiegel: You want to buy Brophy’s contract… make me an offer. I’m too old for this business and want to retire. Brophy would like to leave this hellhole and go back to the states.

Carter:  Well actually sir…. I just wanted to do a quick interview but now that you mention it I would be interested in making the jump to managing and going back to the states where it’s warm.

Spiegel: Warm? Most of the country is like it’trapped in a snow globe. But it’s certainly a lot better than this place. Make me an offer kid I haven’t got all night.

It was then I made him a lucrative offer for the purposes of discretion written down on a piece of paper. He nodded in approval and subsequently signed over Brophy’s contract to yours truly. I was now the manager of Bruiser Brophy one of the most feared men in the world. It was shortly thereafter that I was contacted by Draven Smith, or I contacted him I can’t really recall about becoming apart of his revived Rampage Wrestling promotion.

Fade out.

Agent Provocateur’s “Red Tape” plays in the background as a flag bearing the image of the Anarchy symbol hangs on the wall in the background of my office. Behind my large oak desk sits a trophy case with “Rampage Wrestling” written on it. The case at present is empty but will be full soon enough. I come into view wearing a royal blue suit with a golden color silk dress shirt, no tie, a pair of oxblood colored oxford dress shoes. I simply start speaking addressing the camera that I have set up.

Tony Carter: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tony Carter some of you may know me others may not. Anyway, I served as the understudy of the legendary Jon Tees for several years, and now that he is retired and living out the rest of his days on his own private island, where the temperatures never fall below 78 degrees it’s time for my day in the sun. I have secured the contracts of the most dominate tag team on the face of God’s green earth Marvelous Marvin Fuller and Bruiser Brophy. As you can clearly see I have already taken the liberty of setting up a display case for the vast amount of championships and accolades these men will deliver to me. My two associates will be making their debuts on the first edition of Sacrifice since Rampage Wrestling made it’s return. Prepare to see a massacre of biblical proportions. I’m warning you now it won’t be pretty and we won’t be held responsible for what happens to our victims should they be dumb enough to not heed the warnings and actually show up.

Tony Carter: Caspian King I’ll begin with you, you poor, poor unfortunate soul. You clearly have no idea what you have gotten yourself into. In your first match, you’ll be facing the man, the myth, the monster that is Bruiser Brophy. I certainly hope that you have your life insurance policy paid up…. because you just might need it. This is a man who has maimed, decapitated and is suspected to have killed people. No one would think you a coward if you simply flew to some far off middle eastern country and never returned. Since for reasons known only to the webmaster your website bio appears to be down, I know little to nothing about you. But based on pictures I’ve seen you look like a typical pretty boy. Let me just say you won’t be so pretty once Bruiser Brophy puts some welts and bruises on that pretty face and body of yours. You may or may not be strong, you may or may not be tough but in any event you aren’t stronger or tougher than Bruiser Brophy. I’ve watched ringside as he’s destroyed much bigger and badder opponents than you appear to be based on your bio photo that goes to a ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND message.

Tony Carter: So Caspian do what other far more sensible people have done and don’t even bother showing up if you know what’s good for you. But if you do happen to have a death wish, show up it’s all the same to me as I make bank either way.

Tony Carter: And as for the second victim what’s his name, the male stripper-escort Major Chase I believe… though you have already been addressed you are going to be knocked out later in the evening by “The Marvelous One” maybe you and Mr. King can share a hospital room or a flight out of dodge the choice is entirely yours.

Scene fades with me smoking a Cuban cigar as highlight packages of previous people falling victim to Fuller and Brophy airs followed by my logo.

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