We begin at a foreign wrestling event being held for The Assault Wrestling League (AWL) which is headquartered out of  Mexico City, Mexico.  The setting is a dark, dingy arena, the ring appears to have a black colored apron, a silver colored mat, black and silver turnbuckle pads with barb wire designs and a reddish AWL logo in several spots. Some sort of tournament has been taking place throughout the evening the prize, the recently vacated Americas Heavyweight Championship. The finalists are “Marvelous” Marvin Fuller and some relative unknown to American audience a man known as “Redd Rhane” Fuller has already made his entrance along with his manager Tony Carter he eagerly awaits the arrival of Rhane.

Hardcore Jeremy: And his opponent hailing from right here in Mexico City, Redd Rhane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Look to the sky right before you die… it’s the last time you will. Sounds over the loud speaker followed by a transition to The Offspring’s “Come Out And Play.” Rhane doesn’t come out

Matt Holton: I’m not even completely sure Rhane has arrived in the building yet. No one has seen him backstage.

Tim Thomas: He has to be here…. he’s in the finals for the damn Americas Championship one of the most prestigious championships in all of AWL.

Matt Holton: But Fuller’s opponents do have a tendency of not showing up… the ones that have any sense anyway… those that don’t are usually outmatched and taste Fuller’s fists followed by the canvas.

Hardcore Jeremy tries yet again.

Hardcore Jeremy: And his opponent… hailing from Mexico City…. Redd FUCKING Rhane!!!!

The music hits again and Rhane still doesn’t show.

Tim Thomas: Doesn’t this man know what’s at stake? This is the finals of a championship tournament for the second most prestigious FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIP in The Entire A W FUCKING L.

Matt Holton: Apparently not… either he’s terrified to death… or has such little respect for this place and it’s championship that he elected not to show up feeling as though competing for a second tier championship was “beneath him” what an elitist son of a bitch. Too good to fight someone for our equivalent to an Intercontinental Championship.

Tony Carter then says something to the ref Zeb Rios who repeats it to Hardcore Jeremy.

Hardcore Jeremy: I have just been informed that if Redd Rhane does not come out here by the count of ten he will forfeit this match and Marvin Fuller will win and be awarded the championship.

Rios begins to count and the crowd joins him

Hardcore Jeremy: Ladies and gentlemen you’re winner via forfeit and NEW Americas Heavyweight Championship… “Marvelous” Marvin Fuller

The crowd boos as The Americas Heavyweight Championship is placed around Fuller’s waist by the ref and his hands raised in victory as “Natural Born Killas” Blares throughout the relative small arena. Carter jumps up and down celebrating as though his client has just become World Heavyweight Champion as opposed to winning a secondary championship in a small promotion, via forfeit.

Six months later

Marvin Fuller happens to encounter Redd Rhane in the airport as he plans a flight to Florida. After months of listening to shit about the way he “won” the championship… Fuller simply approaches Rhane and without saying a single word knocks him unconscious with a single shot. Tony Carter films the entire thing and makes sure it garners exposure.
Fuller wearing a brown suit with a black dress shirt sans a tie and reddish dress shoes, takes advantage of this opportunity and begins speaking. The Americas Championship of AWL is draped over his shoulder though this is the first anyone in Rampage Wrestling has heard or seen tell of any of this.

MMF: It seems my opponents either don’t show up literally or figuratively. Assuming they don’t get themselves canned or simply disappear they get dropped within a matter of seconds. I have effortlessly advanced through this championship tournament fighting opponents that honestly had no business being in it. And it appears I have once again found myself booked against an iffy opponent… someone who if they bother stepping through those ropes is going to get dropped in a single shot… and if they don’t step through those ropes will lose by forfeit and I’ll proceed to hunt them down like a dog and kick their pathetic ass anyway.  Tony

Fuller takes hold of the camera and begins filming Carter who is dressed in the odd combination of a pair of denim jeans and a royal blue sport coat with a black dress shirt. Carter’s hair is tied back in a ponytail and appears to be dyed jet black. He wears a pair of dark sunglasses in spite of being inside.

Tony C: Johnny Shift the “every man” “Livin the dream. Well Shift this isn’t a fairytale and you’re about to be on the receiving end of a violent reality check… when “Marvelous” Marvin Fuller’s fists introduces itself to your jaw and your ass introduces itself to the canvas. You may be average but this man isn’t, he’s far from it beyond exceptional you might say… and you may have defeated two jabronis to get to this point… but this man has beaten many of the same people you’ve beaten and done so much more soundly. Beyond that he’s also beaten people above and beyond the people you’ve beaten and made it look easy. The only thing left to do is to beat you and advance to the next victim and this is exactly what we will do. The strength of your fingers Johnny boy… are no match for the power of this man’s fists. You are a kitten trying to fight a tiger and like the others will soon realize that you just simply aren’t in the same league as this elite athlete, this world class prize fighter… this man who more than lives up to his reputation as being Simply… FUCKING… Marvelous!!!

Tony C: With the trail of broken bodies and broken dreams that The Marvelous One has left in his wake… one has to wonder just who is going to be left to challenge him once he over comes every so called obstacle in this tournament to advance into the finals… and once he makes it into the finals will his opponent even show up, or will they yet again no show and allow Fuller to win a championship via forfeit? It really isn’t my client’s fault that he’s so fucking good that people either don’t want to face him or simply can’t compete. That rest on the match makers who are feeding innocent lambs directly to the big bad wolf. Draven Smith in particular must have quite a bit of hatred and disdain for his roster if he’s sending them in to battle The Marvelous One.

Fuller again takes over.

MMF: So Johnny Shift… Step Up, Step Up And I’ll Knock Your Sorry Below Average Ass Out!

Fade to black.