Marvelous” Marvin Fuller has just been out on a lengthy run. He is dressed in a black and white track suit with dark sunglasses and black and silver sneakers. He approaches his mailbox and proceeds to retrieve the day’s mail. Fuller then makes his entrance through the golden gates of his driveway skimming through the mail he’s received, most of it is junk, the typical waste of a tree crap people receive, though they hadn’t asked for.  But one particular letter catches Fuller’s attention as he enters the mansion and approaches the juice bar where he’s served some sort of concoction by one of his many household servants, a nameless, faceless person Fuller merely addresses as “Dickhead” the guy barely speaks English so really doesn’t comprehend this as an insult. The letter appears to be from a lawyer on behalf of The Assault Wrestling League. The gist is it’s been quite a while since Fuller has worked there much less defended his championship. They basically want him to cease and desist referring to himself as The AWL Americas Heavyweight Champion and to return the belt pronto or else. The or else part doesn’t phase Fuller one bit and he makes a sarcastic gesture to indicate that he’s “frightened”

Fuller writes a response letter basically telling them all to “GO FUCK Themselves!!!” and to “Do Their Worst.” Puts the proper postage on it and mails the son of a bitch.

Fade out.

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