Some seedy New York City dive Strip Club-Present Day. “Bonfire”  by Knife Party plays in the background as a bunch of rather average and below average looking men dance on stage. Many of these men are overweight to severely obese and appear to be to attempting to dance in unison but failing miserably. Audience members gaze at these men with disgust and some even pay them to keep their clothes on-put them back on.

Fade out.

Reynolds Middle School, Trenton, NJ 1993 David Costagan is sitting in his homeroom room A6. Costagan is surrounded by classmates sans the teacher, when all of a sudden Marvin Fuller a young teenager from another school, another town enters the room. Fuller is dressed in  a pair of Adidas windbreaker pants of a black and white color, white sneakers, and a green Philadelphia Eagles hoodie. He approaches Costagan and speaks.

Marvin Fuller: Hey Dave, you got something to say to me?

Costagan: I don’t even know you.

Marvin Fuller: I thought so pussy. If you got something to say to me say it to my face.

Costagan: I don’t have anything to say to you, I’ve never seen you before in my life.

Fuller then slaps Costagan in the face, resulting in the young man fighting back tears but also anger as he’s just been embarrassed in front of his classmates.  He becomes angry and gets up, charges at Fuller and is knocked out with a single punch that lands squarely on his jaw. Fuller then stands in front of the stunned classroom.

Marvin Fuller: Let this be a lesson to the rest of yous. Talk shit about me and they’ll be some serious consequences and repercussions ya dig?

Fuller exits as quickly as he arrives. People lie and claim Dave just passed out fearing that Fuller would find out about it and return for them.

Fade out.

Nottingham High School, Trenton, NJ 1998.

Thomas Charles Tidewell a slender fellow with black hair and a black mustache looking older than the typical age of a high school junior walks down the hallway. Tidewell is wearing a dark denim jean jacket and a lighter pair of denim jeans. His shoes appear to be white with silver and royal blue patterns, and laces. He moves as though he owns the place as he’s approached by a much older Marvin Fuller. Fuller without hesitation slams Tidewell against a locker.

Fuller: Hey Tom, I heard you’ve been talkin shit about me again… is this true?

Tidewell (trying to breath): [/b]No it’s not… I don’t even know you, and get your fucking hands off me.

Fuller (slamming his fist into the locker nearly missing Tom’s head.):[/b] Or else what…. bitch?

Fuller: Do something I dare you…. you stupid white honky. You ain’t gonna do shit.

Tidewell: I’ll gut you like a fucking fish.

Fuller: Do it then… gut me like a fish pussy. If you got the balls. You’re teeth will be coming out your ass before you even reach your blade I can assure you of that faggot.

Tidewell gets loose and goes for his blade… as sure as he was warned before he can even reach it he lays unconscious on the floor with no memory of what hit him. Fuller helps himself to Tom’s wallet and leaves.

Fade out

We return to present day at the strip club. We come upon owner Tony Carter and his right hand man the now adult Marvelous Marvin Fuller. Fuller approaches one of the strippers and knocks him out without saying a word. 

Tony Carter: Amateur Night’s over gentlemen hit the exit.

The remaining male “strippers” leave and are replaced by their polar opposites gorgeous female strippers.  All different races, body types, curves in the right places. The unconscious man is carried off like corn wood by his conscious friends as Carter begins speaking on Fuller’s behalf as though someone is filming this.

Carter: Hello again ladies and gentlemen it’s me it’s me Mr. Wrestling Tony FUCKING C. And standing beside me is my newest client. He’s dangerous, he’s devastating he knocks grown men unconscious with a single shot…. He’s simply FUCKING Marvelous Marvin Fuller. Rampage Wrestling I must say has invested wisely in securing the services of this man. He’s the future franchise and golden goose and without a doubt the future champion. I don’t foresee anyone who even stands a chance against him or could come close to stopping him. All it takes is that one punch once he connects with it it’s all over and it’s impossible to avoid aside from simply not showing up.

Carter: I see here that “Mr. Unpredictable” Major Chase is our first victim of a long laundry list of them. Chase I must say that you aren’t as “Unpredictable” as you claim to be. I know exactly what is going to happen to you. Mr. Fuller here is going to introduce his lethal fist to your face and you’re ass is going to hit the ground, you’ll see nothing but empty black nothingness and perhaps a few stars and chirping birdies. A few hours later you’ll awake with a splitting headache which will feel as though your brain is attempting to relocate itself to the top of your skull the end. I’ll let the Marvelous One take it from here.

Fuller: Major Chase I’m a man of very few words and usually let my fist do my talking for me. But I’ll say this much step up, step up and I’ll knock your ass out.

Fade out.