Tony Carter at this very moment finds himself unable to remember what Marvin Fuller’s opponent this week’s last name is. Is it Maddie Cage, Maddie Wilson Or Maddie Walker? All things aside this at the present time is the least of Carter’s worries. Carter finds himself running through a dark forest in the middle of a cold and clear evening, running toward the sound of a somewhat demonic sounding voice in the distance. The voice is that of yours truly. Carter is wearing a tattered blue suit, further details can’t really be made out in the darkness.

Jon Tees: Come toward me Carter… hurry up I haven’t got all night. Unlike you I have a life, places to go and people to see get your ass in gear.

Tony Carter: (Struggling to catch his breath) Alright, alright, I’m going as fast as I can geez!.

Jon Tees: Well it’s not fast enough, move faster, run Carter run. God gave you legs, use them.

Carter struggles to move faster in the dress shoes he is wearing nearly falling several times.

Jon Tees: Come on… you’re fucking pathetic.

Tony Carter: Hey…. FUCK YOU!!! This wasn’t my stupid idea arranging this meeting in the middle of the night.

Jon Tees: Greatness never sleeps and neither should you if you expect to be great.

Tony Carter: I don’t know why I allow myself to be tormented by you…

Carter slips and falls into a well and I just laugh.

Jon Tees: You can’t do anything right can you?

Carter: HELP Get Me Out Of Here!.

Tees: No one can hear you… no one can help you… you’re a complete and total failure who will never amount to anything. You can’t even complete the run through the spooky woods on a clear evening… there would be no obstacles aside from the ones you placed in front of yourself.

It’s then that Carter awakens in his comfortable king size bed… the entire thing being just some horrible nightmare. Or is it? Carter’s ankle appears to be sore and swollen but he can’t quite remember how it got that way. He manages to hobble out to the kitchen and grabs an ice pack. He applies the ice to his injured ankle as he still wears his red silk pajamas with the gold initials TC written in cursive.

Hours pass and Carter is now wearing a suit and appears to be getting ready to be interviewed. His suit appears to be a dark blue pinstripe, his dress shirt white and his tie a cobalt blue color. His dress shoes are black wingtips, at his side stands his client Marvelous Marvin Fuller. Fuller wears a brown suit with reddish shoes and a black turtle neck dress shirt with no tie. Carter appears like he has something to say of the upmost importance. The appointed interviewer is about to ask questions but Carter and Fuller simply run this person off.

Tony Carter: I want to make one thing crystal fucking clear… Jon Tees had a cup of coffee here over two years ago and achieved absolutely nothing during that time frame. So who in the bloody fuck is he to judge me? Who are any of you to judge me and assume that I can’t manage in spite of the fact that I’ve only been managing here for a few weeks? I’m going to prove him wrong, and I’m going to prove all of you wrong when I achieve more in my first month here than he did in his entire run in this glorified swamp. And Tees stay the fuck out of my dreams and out of my head in general, you aren’t welcome there.

Tony Carter: Now moving on Maddie Walker-Wilson-Cage whatever your fucking unimportant last name is… listen up and listen good this man right here… my client… this former professional boxer has absolutely no problem slapping or knocking a woman around when he deems it necessary. It’s not something he takes pleasure in, so I assure you it won’t be personal when he rearranges your face, which quite simply is the only thing you really have going for you. Women like you are a dime a dozen, gorgeous on the outside, hideous and ugly on the inside. You use your looks to manipulate and control men and trade sex for favors and possessions. But once Fuller finishes with you, your external appearance will match the ugliness that exists inside of you and all women in general. I’m aware somewhat of your past and how you recently escaped from an abusive marriage… Well let me just say that the worst beating your ex husband gave you will seem like a day at the amusement park compared to the brutal and violent beating that my client will lay on you at the next edition of Sacrifice . You’re standing between this man and the opportunity of a life time… and let’s just say he doesn’t take too kindy to that.

It was then that Fuller began speaking.

MMF: The first and only black man in Rampage Wrestling Vs The first and only woman… what an epic set up but it only has one possible ending… my hand hitting your pretty face, and your gorgeous ass hitting the ground. Like Tony say this isn’t personal, but you’re standing between me and a golden opportunity and that’s just something you don’t do…. so Maddie I say this… step up, step up and I’ll knock your ass out.

Fade out

Carter and Fuller still appear to be talking “off camera.”

Fuller: I don’t know man… I still feel funny about this fighting a woman given my past reputation as an abuser. I don’t enjoy hitting women like you said, but I’ve had to knock a few around before.

Tony C: Business is business we do what we’re paid to do. Simple as that.