(Rhett Logan came into view wearing a cheap suit. To say it looked as though it came off of the rack at Kmart would be giving it too much credit. Logan’s suit more or less looks like something from a thrift store or The Salvation Army. Logan immediately began speaking addressing the audience in attendance at the arena as well as those watching at home.)

Rhett Logan: Ladies and gentlemen… please join me in welcoming The NWF North American Heavyweight Champion, the one, the only, a man who needs no introduction but I have taken the liberty of giving him one anyway… Eric Herrera!!!!.

(Just then Jason Crawford comes into view angrily along with his manager Jon Tees who also has a nasty scowl upon his face. Both men are dressed as always in expensive suits. Tees’ suit appears to be royal blue with a golden colored dress shirt, black tie, black wingtip shoes. Crawford’s a shark skin gray color with a red dress shirt, no tie and black shoes. Crawford has the NWF North American Heavyweight Championship belt draped over his shoulder and doesn’t look happy. Tees begins speaking first and foremost.)

Mr. Tees:What did you call this man?

Rhett Logan: Eric Herrera that’s his name isn’t it?

Mr. Tees: No it isn’t, moron. How dare you call this man by the wrong name. I ought to punch you in the mouth you ignorant, ignoramus. This man is Jason Crawford the only fifth generation wrestler in this whole damn place. He’s a member of the Crawford wrestling dynasty and he is about to expand his collection of championship belts so get your facts straight next time you pathetic waste of life.

Rhett Logan: Sorry sir.

Tees:You had better believe you’re sorry… you’re the sorriest excuse of a human being I have ever had the misfortune of meeting in my life. Get to stepping if you know what’s good for you.

(Logan leaves with a sad, downtrodden look on his face. )

Tees: It’s sad really how these dinosaurs try and hang on and stick around past the time for them to bow out gracefully. That sorry sack of shit once upon a time used to be one of the best in the business, and now look at him… look at what he’s become, a shell of his former self that would make the foolish mistake of confusing one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, a champion, a legend in the making with Eric Herrera. Confusing Eric Herrera for this man is like confusing premium steak for cheap hamburger meat, crab cakes for lobster, cheap soda for fine wine you get the idea the comparison is so absurd. This man is head and shoulders better than Eric Herrera and looks nothing like him only a fool would confuse the two of them. I honestly have no idea where RW gets his interview staff nor how it brings them up to speed on things that should be common knowledge to anyone with half a brain.  But I digress.

(Tees pauses for a moment and then continues.)

Tees: Monday Night on Sacrifice… this man… this fifth generation one of a kind professional wrestler is going to finally make his long awaited debut for Rampage Wrestling. It has been a long time coming but he is finally, finally here and will grace you all with his presence. He will be making that highly anticipated debut against some Japanese wrestler I have never personally heard of but will not be taking lightly… Massahiro Kojima… you know it’s funny I’ve extensively toured the orient for years and haven’t heard anything about this guy, he must either be relatively new or travel in different circles but whatever the case he drew the wrong straw when he ended up being booked against this man.  Massahiro Kojima’s tenure here will not be off to a very good start and I feel it’s fairly safe to say that management has it in for him.


(Crawford began speaking at this point keeping it relatively short and to the point)

Jason Crawford: Massahiro Kojima, I could honestly care less where you’ve been, who you are or what you’ve done, you have never had The Jason Crawford Experience, but that will all change on Monday evening when you set foot into that eight sided ring against yours truly. I’m going to make you bleed and suffer simply because I can and I take pleasure in the misery and misfortunes  of others. (laughs) so Massahiro Kojima bring your A game whatever that is as it certainly won’t compared to mine. This business to you may simply be a means to an end, a job but to me it’s life. I was born into it, I was raised by it, I eat, sleep and breath it. It’s my birthright to be a world champion and as you can clearly see I am already well on my way. I will see you Monday and I’ll be easy to recognize as I’ll be the one beating the holy hell out of your Japanese ass.

Tees: Massahiro Kojima you have been issued a fair warning and put on notice. No one would blame you for doing what so many who have been booked against this man have done and not bothering to show up. The bell now tolls for you and when bells start tolling… heads start rolling.

(Crawford then unexpectedly begins speaking again)

Crawford: After I get done with this punk no one, and I mean no one will ever confuse me for anyone else again no matter how senile and demented they are.


(Fade out)

(Off camera)

Jason Crawford: So who is Eric Herrera anyway?

Tees: Hell if I know. I have heard the name somewhere before but can’t place it to a face. Don’t worry about it. Logan’s a drunk and gone in the head but like you said after Monday no one will mistake you for anyone else again.

Crawford: So do you think I can beat this guy?

Tees: Absolutely… I have complete and total faith in you even though I haven’t got a clue who this guy is. The one thing that I know for certain about him is that he isn’t you and that’s a big minus against him. I wrestled in Japan and know the Japanese style like the back of my fist I doubt this guy will pose much or any problem, but we won’t take him lightly. I ordered some footage to find out more about him.