(An unconscious man lies sedated in a hospital bed, he sports a full body cast.  A male doctor begins speaking to the man’s brother about his condition.)

Doctor: I’m afraid he’s going to remain in this state for a few days more.

Man’s Brother: What happened to him exactly?

Doctor: Apparently he had a match against Jon Tees and didn’t fare so well. He came out on the losing end and was badly beaten, badly injured. Apparently he didn’t hear the expression that Tees will break your fucking knees along with any other body parts he feels like breaking.

Man’s Brother:
I have been telling him for years to give up wrestling he just didn’t listen perhaps he will now.

Doctor: Let’s hope, and lets pray that he stays the hell out of the ring with Jon Tees that’s the quickest and most painful way to commit career suicide.

(This particular scene freezes as Jon Tees comes into view dressed in a in a white Miami Vice style suit with a red shirt and white shoes. He begins speaking instantly)

Tees: Michael Pettis they call you Amp… they call you the “Living Legend.” I call you my next victim on a long list here in Rampage Wrestling. You might think that you’re hot shit Pettis, but in reality you’re just some guy who’s been a big fish in a very small pond for a long time and now you’re coming into an ocean that will soon be dominated by the great white shark you see before you. I’m going to chew you up and spit you out this coming Monday. I don’t just beat my opponents as you can clearly see I maim them, I disembowel them I rip them apart limb from limb. My opponents usually end up in one of two places either the hospital or the morgue take your pick Pettis it’s all the same to me.

Tees: You are correct our paths have never crossed even though we have been around for about the same length of time. Had they crossed you likely wouldn’t be here right now as I would have finished you off long ago and you’d be but a distant memory in the minds of the people who knew you, much the same way that you’ll become but a distant memory in the minds of people from the point of our match forward. You’ll only be remembered as the man I destroyed and dismantled in my first match back in Rampage Wrestling. I have said this before and I’ll say it yet again people like you are a dime a dozen and I have taken out countless people who were exactly the same. People who felt that they were great and that they could beat me. They all ended up exactly like this man laying here in a body cast he thought the same things and look how well that worked out for him.  For the record you have never faced anyone like me because there is no one like me.

Tees: And to top it all off you are coming to fight me… me of all people with two bum knees? You might as well paint huge bulls-eyes on those knees because I’m coming for them. If you thought they were fucked up before just wait until I get finished. Forget traveling around and picking up chicks people will be picking you up and carrying you around as you won’t even be able to walk under your own power. Let me break things down for you. I’m pretty much going to do whatever it is that I want to do to you and there isn’t going to be a thing that you can do to hope to stop me. You are going to get seriously injured that’s a given and more than likely it’ll spell the end of your career and any hopes, dreams or plans that you have of getting your grubby little paws on my world heavyweight championship. The only hope in hell you have of touching my championship is if you pry it from my cold, dead hand. That title is pretty much going to be buried with me along with a host of other trophies and accolades that I have accumulated over the course of my long and illustrious career and those I will accumulate before all is said and done.

Tees: I take nothing away from you… you’ve had an impressive career dominating hole in the wall, rinky dink promotions. But you haven’t been to the places I’ve been or beaten the people I’ve beaten.  I actually dominated in places where it actually mattered and I faced stiff competition. To give you a brief summary I’ve ruled national and international promotions and have defeated some of the best wrestlers in the world and those who thought they were the best but later found out that they weren’t.. much like you will this coming Monday.

(Tees presses the remote again disappears from the scene. He reappears in his study.)

Amp I’ve warned you once, I’ve warned you twice, I’ve warned you a thousand times the bell now tolls for you and when bells start tolling heads start rolling. You can run your mouth all you want to between now and Monday but once Monday fades into Tuesday you had better get used to sucking all of your meals through a straw for quite some time. I can back up and deliver on what I say where as your mouth has merely written checks that your ass can’t cash. See you Monday… Monday bloody Monday.

(Fade out)