(The Dallas Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas,  1988 )


(I am currently about seven years of age and sitting alongside my father, grandfather, cousin and best friend at an NWF Anarchy show. Terry Funk and Abdullah The Butcher are currently going at it in a violent and brutal bloodbath relatively close to where we are sitting. Funk pulls what appears to be a sharp metal object out of his boot and proceeds to stab The Butcher in the head with it. Blood begins gushing from Abdullah’s forehead as he falls into the ropes and becomes entangled. Funk continues his vicious assault for several minutes until The Butcher manages to free himself and then returns the favor by attempting to gouge Funk’s eye out with a metal object  of his own. This is great as the fans begin cheering for both men. Funk and The Butcher fight toward the ringside area and take turns bouncing each other’s heads off of the guardrails, ring steps, posts and so on. Funk picks up a chair and begins slamming Abdullah in the back with it. The Butcher winces in pain as Funk jams the chair into his lower lumbar region, he follows it up by slamming the chair over The Butcher’s head and knocking him to the ground. Funk covers Abdullah on the floor and the ref counts 1, 2, The Butcher kicks out with authority, Funk argues with the ref and begins paint brushing him. He turns around and is caught in a bear hug courtesy of The Butcher who begins ramming Funk back first into the ring post. Abdullah rolls Funk back into the ring and connects with a vicious elbow drop. He follows up with another and pins Funk squarely in the center of the ring 1… 2… 3. The ring announcer, announces Abdullah as the “winner and advancing in the tournament” it was from that moment forward that I became enamored and hooked on professional wrestling, it became part of who I was and was in my blood.)


(Present day)


(At the moment, I am sitting in my dressing room thinking back on my long and illustrious 14 year career in this industry and reminiscing about the match that got me addicted to this great sport a match that took place some 25 years ago between two legendary hardcore wrestlers.  I had seen it all and done it all, had beaten the “best” and the so called “best.” I put down many an “icon, legend, hall of famer” in my time. Had seen them come and had seen them go and yet after all these years and all of the wars that I have been through I have endured, I’m still here and am still going strong. I am at this very moment dressed in a royal blue suit with a black dress shirt, no tie and shiny, black wingtip shoes. Sitting alongside me are my wife Temptress and long time friend and sometimes bodyguard Big Phil. Temptress is dressed in her usual pink halter top that shows her midriff, tightly fitting jeans, and brown cowgirl boots. Phil is wearing a black leather bomber jacket slightly open revealing a black t-shirt, blue jeans and biker boots.  His bald head is so shiny you could see your reflection in it from the lights.)

Temptress: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Tees: Positive

Temptress: You don’t know this guy nor have you ever faced him before.

Tees: That isn’t exactly correct my dear, I may not have faced this particular opponent, but I have seen his kind come and go countless times throughout my 14 year career. Another self proclaimed “Living Legend.” If I had a nickel for every so called “Legend or Icon” That I have put down over the years I’d be even richer than I already am. No need to worry.  

Temptress: Well you are pretty rich.

Tees: There is nothing to fear my return to the main stage will be a huge success as they always are. I may have been out of the ring for a few months, but it’s like riding a bike and I’m not really as old as certain people think that I am or make me out to be. I’ve been doing this a very long time but I started at a young age and am only in my early 30’s now.

(This conversation ends abruptly as Tony Carter, my good friend and long time personal interviewer enters the room. Carter is dressed in a black suit with white pinstripes, in place of a traditional dress shirt he is wearing an NWF Anarchy “Night Of Legends” T-shirt, and black dress shoes. He is accompanied by a camera man. )

Tony Carter: Ladies and gentlemen It’s Me, It’s Me, Mr. Wrestling Tony C and I’m here live with the legendary Jon Tees. Mr. Tees is going to be making his return to the ring this week in Rampage Wrestling’s flagship program Monday Night Sacrifice, against a man who fancies himself a “Living Legend.” A man named Amp. Mr. Tees what are your thoughts on your return and facing Amp?

Tees: My thoughts are rather simple , although our paths have never crossed before, I have seen Amp’s kind many times throughout my long and illustrious career in this industry. People who fancy themselves “legends, icons, the greatest thing since sliced bread.” Then they set foot in the ring against yours truly and get a harsh reality check. They find out that they aren’t half as good as they believe or make themselves out to be, and quickly realize that they aren’t anywhere near my league or on my level. I have no reason to believe that this guy will be any different. As I was telling my lovely wife earlier, if I had a nickel for every time I put down and took out someone who considered themselves to be a “Living Legend” or an “Icon” I’d be even more wealthy than I already am and to be honest I could pretty much buy and sell everyone here multiple times over.

Tees: So Amp you had better bring everything you’ve got sunshine because you’ll need it just to have a hope of surviving this contest. I didn’t make a return from a lengthy layoff just to lose to the likes of you. I came back to dominate this place and help it reach levels never before reached or thought possible. The only thing you’ll be remembered for after Monday Night as being the very first victim on the Jon Tees comeback tour/ascension to the top of this company.

Tony C: Thank you very much Mr. Tees.

Tees: You’re very welcome and the pleasure is all yours. One more thing Amp you’ve been warned and put on notice. The bells now toll for you and when bells start tolling heads start rolling. See you Monday bitch!!!.

(The scene faded out at that point.)