(Jon Tees is shown sitting alongside a rocky coastline dressed in a Hawaiian shirt with a pair of white pants and matching white shoes. This is uncharacteristic of the formal suits and other stylish clothing that he usually wears. Tees immediately begins speaking as though he’s fully aware that he’s being filmed.)


Jon Tees: This is Jon Tees again out here enjoying these peaceful surroundings on this absolutely gorgeous summer afternoon, watching the tide rolling in and the boats going by.

(Tees pauses for a moment and then takes a look at a worm that has begun crawling up his left arm.)

Jon Tees: Enjoying the beauty and tranquility of nature. Enjoying these insects. Enjoying this worm. But you know something, I enjoy worms but I don’t enjoy worms crawling on me. Just like when I get in that wrestling ring I don’t like wrestlers touching me and I definitely don’t want them crawling on me. And if they do so, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. They are going to get smashed just like this worm (takes right hand and smashes the worm.) Know what I mean?

(Fade out)