(Jon Tees is sitting on a lifeguard chair on a  nearly deserted beach afterhours.  There are a few people still walking the beach both by themselves and along with pets. The horizon is simply beautiful on the beach side even though the sun is actually currently setting on the bay side. Tees is dressed once more in a Hawaiian shirt with a pair of white pants and matching shoes. He begins speaking in a somewhat menacing yet calm tone.)

Jon Tees: J
on Tees, he’s a peaceful man, he likes his peaceful surroundings, his peaceful outdoors, no one around to mess with him, the winds out here feeling good on him. I’m just a peaceful individual who likes no problems and that’s the way it’s going to be when I get to Rampage Wrestling… peaceful. Know what I mean?


(Tees then does a seeming 180 and continues talking.)

Jon Tees:
Your lives are all going to be in my hands and I’ll be the one who determines your fate you have all been warned. (laughs evilly)

(Fade out)