Scene opens at a large office building right across a courtyard from another large office building. Both buildings feature shiny, black marble tiles. Jon Tees the head of Anarchy Enterprises  is shown walking down the hallway greeting several of his loyal employees. Tees is dressed in a black and white pinstripe suit with a red tie with an AE logo on it in a silver color, shiny black wingtip shoes and he is carrying a black leather briefcase with the AE logo in gold. Tees walks up to his assistant Temptress’s desk and begins speaking to her.

Tees: Morning gorgeous… did I get any calls while I was out at lunch?

Temptress: Yes, the gentleman you referred to as “The Most hated and despised man in the history of Anarchy Wrestling” called in fact, he left several messages and was quite persistent in wishing to speak to you.

Tees: I shall return his phone call the second I enter my office. We have much to discuss and I have some big plans and blockbuster deals in the works.

Tees gives Temptress a kiss on the cheek and slaps her on the backside. She smiles and whispers something into his ear. Tees enters his office and does as he said immediately returns the phone call.

Tees: Hey man, what’s up? It’s been a long time… a little too long if you ask me so how have you been? Great that’s excellent. I can’t complain, anyway you say you are going to be in town next week and are looking to make a return? Why don’t we get together and discuss some business in person? I know this great steak house, just opened in fact but people are raving about the food and you know me… I just have to check things out for myself to see if they live up to if not exceed the hype.  Ok great I’ll see you then and look forward to it.

Fade out.
Several hours later we again join Tees this time sitting on a headstone bearing his name in a dark, depressing cemetery. It’s nighttime, late in fact around midnight. He’s wearing a blood soaked white polo shirt with an Anarchy Wrestling logo in blue, bloodstained khaki shorts and brown boat shoes with no socks. He also appears to have a large knife wound in his chest/stomach area. He immediately begins speaking.

Tees: I remember when this happened do you remember Mesterio? I fail to forget though I have often tried lord knows I’ve tried. I remember the day that you killed me like it was yesterday, well in a figurative sense to put it technically you had me killed. Let me jar your memory a bit… all of those chair shots you’ve taken to the head over the years it’s got to be a bit foggy.

Some sort of a flashback or reenactment depicts Jon Tees in an argument with someone who strongly resembles the late James Caine sometime around 2006-2007. We see this Caine  look alike and Tees jawing at each other, it becomes physical at a point where they begin shoving each other. Caine then proceeds to stab Tees in the stomach/chest with a butcher knife. He does so repeatedly and if that’s not enough he insist that several other bystanders come over and each take turns stabbing Tees. We can’t make out many of Caine’s accomplices as many of them are shadowy and its poor lighting. 

Ah yes, my infamous death. You see after I died my body would be taken out to sea and it was staged to look like some sort of boating accident where there were no remains. I don’t recall having ever gone boating a day in my life. If these sorted details were not bizarre enough a double was brought in to replace me as though nothing had ever even transpired. This was all due to the fact that you were to be the “go to guy” and I refused to accept it because to be honest you never could quite carry my jock strap. When I went to confront Caine over some speculative rumors the son of a bitch decided to pull out a fucking knife and kill my ass. Well, that’s neither here nor there and because Caine is now dead. I’m going to be coming after you as I hold you responsible for what happened to me. And this week myself and this woman named Jester get you and your boyfriend Spaz in a TLC tag team match. Spaz my memories of you are fuzzy at best, but you were another of Caine’s henchmen so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you weren’t one of those other assholes who took a turn stabbing me to death in THAT FUCKING LOCKER ROOM SHOWER. I was left to bleed to death on the cold, damp floor after everyone took a turn plunging that knife into my chest, but rest assured my death will be avenged and all who are responsible for it shall be brought to justice starting with the two of you this week. Jester I quite frankly don’t know you nor do I need to. I have made losers into superstars and champions just leave this to me and pull your weight and we’ll do just fine.

Fade out.

We rejoin Tees again sitting at his desk dressed in a nice suit far removed from where he just was what seems like moments ago. He’s having a phone conversation with someone and appears to be laughing, joking and having a jolly old time.