Man sitting in confession in a dimly lit church. A priest comes into the other side.

Priest: How may I help you my child?

Man: Forgive me father for I have sinned… I murdered a man in cold blood over a $50 debt.

Priest: Murder is a rather serious offense my child… I advise you to turn yourself into the police immediately.

Man: But if I do he’ll find me and exact revenge.

Priest:  He already knows everything you do, everything you’ve done, everything you will do and everything you think and feel he is everywhere. And will pass judgment on all of us when the time comes, you need to repent after turning yourself in.

Not him, I already know that I’m talking about this guy going around and tracking down people who have committed crimes, he’d know about me and would come for me because the person I murdered was someone he considered a “good person”.

Priest: (sighs) just turn yourself in and repent.

Man: I just can’t. Could you turn me in and ensure my safety?

Priest: Actually no, as everything you told me is in confidence. I can only advise you and I advise you to turn yourself in.

Man: Well can’t I take sanctuary here so he doesn’t find me?

Priest: No, I don’t want this person whoever he may be who may be after you coming here looking for you, he might come after me to get to you. LEAVE NOW AND LEAVE ME IN PEACE.

Fade out

Hours pass and we see this same man running through a field on a stormy evening as though he is trying to escape someone.  Suddenly a bunch of sharp objects, knives, hatchets, clevers and so forth appear  suddenly  coming at the man on their own, some miss but just enough nail him in the back and the back of the head to do him in. We see no one and hear nothing but stillness and evil snickering. Finally the words “I’m coming and all have been warned” come from the darkness though we can’t see who or what they are coming from.
Fade to darkness.