The scene opens, fire in his eyes, fury in his heart of black. The beast lives yet again… in a manner we had become very accustomed to through years gone by. Point blank, engineered destruction is the means of which the abhorrent mind of Tees works. One by one, just like he said he would, the monster is again burning his way through the ranks. Amidst the piercing iniquity that emanates from his every pore, a snide look of confidence also adorns his face. Confidence is heard in his voice, as he speaks.

Tees: We look back a long time ago, to what Jon Tees meant to wrestling, legendary, unstoppable, the most feared phenomena in the industry. A freak of nature, sadistic and cruel, without compassion or remorse. But what most remember of the Jon Tees that once ruled over all is the simple fact, that he was considered among many the greatest to ever step foot in the ring.

Tees: Then came the down fall. The fall from grace, the giant plunge down to mediocrity.. most stated it was the end of the line, most thought of this as the ending of the era. But short sighted were those fools, because low and behold here stands large man of fury before your eyes.

Tees: A machine designed to destroy without second thought. But some still question my desire to maim, some still have it etched in their minds that this is the Jon Tees that strode towards the ring without purpose or conviction. Thus the task at hand.

Tees:We shall call this “The Tour of Destruction” forth starting this week, Jon Tees is about to embark upon a long and black journey were people will fall to his feet, weak, beaten and battered. They will not receive mercy, nor will they receive any semblance of recognition for the beatings that they will endure. Pulling out all the stops to retain his Universal Championship and well deserved, well-earned emperors crown.

Tees: Their demises will not be glorious, nor will they be heralded with courage. Instead they will be quick and painful, a testament to the ensuring power that I have again become.

Tees: It starts and ends this week with,. One moron that has been given grand purpose in an otherwise meaningless life. You have the great purpose to be first in line as the newest chapter of Jon Tees’ tyranny is being written. All the way to the top bodies will hit the floor, dreams will be crushed in my ultimately fateful hands. No one can stop this. You want this belt well TO FUCKING BAD!

Tees: This is a fear that is mine to reap.

Tees: A fear that all of you will all feel and experience

the scene fades to black