Our scene begins with Tees simply sitting in his office behind his desk. He wears a royal blue suit with a black silk dress shirt and no tie. He immediately begins speaking oddly with a British accent for some reason.

Tees: Peons, Peasants and piss-ants you know the drill by now.  Anyway, inquiring minds wish to know who my latest client is. A man I referred to as “The Most Hated And Despised Man” who ever set foot in Anarchy Wrestling. Well without further ado allow me to reveal him to you not that I’m required or under any obligation to do so.


Tees: Drumroll Please!!!

A drumroll proceeds lasting for several seconds

I proudly bring to you Kyle Goodburn!

Tees: I know what thoughts are going through your pea brains right now. “Who is Kyle Goodburn?” “I don’t remember a Kyle Goodburn in Anarchy Wrestling” “How could I have hated someone I can’t remember because I’ve taken one too many shots to the head?” Well, I’ll take the liberty of spelling things out for you. Kyle Goodburn competed as Mighty VooVoo an asinine masked super hero gimmick that was forced on him by some halfwit who shall remain nameless.  But Kyle’s abilities would not be denied, even as a character who was meant to be a joke he still managed to become the first and only No Limits Champion. He put that division on the map and defended the title against wrestlers from all over the world.  You all hated him because of the fact that he’s a man who has tremendous self control. He controls his impulses, he controls his emotions, he controls his urges and many of you fail to exhibit any sort of control over yourselves so you loath people who can and do. Kyle never really got the opportunity he truly deserved in Anarchy Wrestling, he was buried on the mid card while lesser deserving and completely unworthy people hogged the spotlight. This man should have been a multi time World Champion and would have been had it not been for the B.S. politics. After Kyle left AW he was never invited back, but it was just as well as he went on to win Intercontinental and World titles elsewhere. The past is passed and it’s a new dawn and a new day, this is a new place minus the bullshit. Kyle will rise to the top and prove his critics and doubters wrong all of you will realize that I speak the truth. ….. Take it away Kyle


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