(Scene opens in an rather simple interview studio. Matt Holton is shown getting touched up a bit and wearing a nice suit with the ESW logo embedded into the sport coat. The suit appears to be royal blue with white and/or gray pinstripes. He is wearing shiny black shoes. Jon Tees enters dressed in a solid black Armani suit with a white dress shirt and a red tie. Tees and Holton shake hands. Little do most people realize the two men have  a past together they used to be broadcast colleagues early on in Tees’ career. After Tees went on to become an active, on air talent… he would employ Holton at various points in time as a personal interviewer. The two men’s paths have once again crossed here in the revived ESW. )

Holton: Mr. Tees it’s so great to see you again… I figured after the closure of Anarchy Wrestling that was the end for you as well.

(Tees smiles evilly)

Tees: Things don’t happen because you wish that they would you have to make them happen. No one has ever been able to make me go away hence the reason I am back and stronger than I have ever been before. Gone are the mercy and compassion that have held me back for far too long… from this point forward I’m going to be ten times as ruthless and cutthroat as I have ever been before. Long story short no more Mr. Nice Guy.


Holton: That’s part of what I wanted to talk to you about… you are booked in your first match in ESW against one of your former employees Vincent Cross. Can you give me a couple of words about him?


Tees: Vincent Cross? Who in the hell is Vincent Cross and what has he done that was every of any relevance?


Holton: Well according to my notes here he had a reign or two as the world heavyweight champion of Anarchy Wrestling and was with the company since around it’s inception. You honestly don’t remember him?


Tees: I can’t say as I do. Vincent Cross was a name on paper at best. Someone I saw booked on cards, but like a lot of people who worked in AW our paths never crossed no pun intended. Cross only won the world title at a time after I had left when the promotion was a shell of it’s former self. He never seemed to be around at the same time I was. I probably caught a few of his matches but likely missed the bulk of them due to getting a snack, taking a piss, fucking a whore or any number of other things. The more I think of it the name Vincent Cross does ring a bit of a bell but I can’t remember him doing anything of any significance… at least during any period of time when I was around and actively involved with the promotion.  But AW is now as dead as James Caine and this is a new dawn and a new day… nothing Vincent Cross has accomplished in the past means a damn thing anymore. Cross is up against a new and improved monster who is planning on destroying him before he ever really gets going here. I’m putting Cross on notice that the only thing he’ll be remembered for is being the first of many victims on my path toward the world heavyweight title. That’s all but heed my words Cross I’ll make you even more famous than you ever managed to become in my absence back in AW.  Trust me pal if I were around more often more people would be questioning just who and the fuck you are.


Holton: Thank you for your time Mr. Tees.

Tees: You’re welcome… the pleasure is all yours.


(Fade out with the two men shaking hands.)