(I walk through the WCW backstage area along with my manager Mr. Tees. Both of us are dressed in expensive suits mine a khaki color with a light pink stripped dress shirt, no tie and brown shoes, his a royal blue color with pinstripes, a solid black shirt and black wingtips. I am also wearing a pair of brown aviator sunglasses while he isn’t wearing any at all. I am currently carrying the old school version of The United States championship which my father won, the version no longer used or even recognized. We are stopped by that ignoramus Lee Marshall who wants to ask a couple of questions.)


Marshall: Gentlemen, I just want to ask you a couple of questions especially you Joe Hennig firstly, what in blazes are you doing here? I mean aren’t you under contract to the WWE and what are you doing with that title that we no longer recognize here in WCW?


Joe Hennig: I go where I please. And take the base out of your voice when you’re speaking to me, do you have any idea who you are talking to? I’m the son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig and the grandson of Larry “The Axe” Hennig show me some respect. As for the title my father won this and it passed down to me so It’s mine as far as I’m concerned. I am the rightful WCW United States champion if anyone has a problem with that they can come see me in the ring.


(Tees took over at this point)


Tees: This man is a third generation superstar Marshall and you had better respect his legacy if you know what’s good for you. Yours truly has gotten this future world champion a very lucrative contract. His father dominated this promotion becoming a United States and Tag team champion and destroying everyone in his path. But unfortunately for Curt he didn’t have me in his corner and therefore eventually hit that preverbal glass ceiling around here where he just didn’t get an opportunity to get any higher than where he ended up getting. But this isn’t going to happen to this man because he invested wisely and hired the best in the business to act as his agent. This man is headed to the main event and the world heavyweight championship he’s going to become a mega star and a legend in this industry even greater than his father ever was. He’s truly better than perfection and this will be proven time and time again every time he sets foot in that ring. This interview is over we’ve got badder fish to fry beat it Marshall.


(Tees sort of shoves Marshall to the ground as he and myself have a laugh about it and exit stage right.)

(Fade out)