(Jon Tees is shown wrestling an in progress match at a WCW house show in Trenton, NJ against an enhancement talent named Mr. Mexico, a masked wrestler dressed in the colors of the Mexican flag. Mexico attempts a diving cross body, but Tees catches him in mid air and begins to nail repeated backbreakers before connecting with a running power slam. Tees follows up by nailing the Tees driver and pinning Mexico for the three count. “Here to stay” hits and Tees celebrates his victory, taunts the crowd a bit and then heads toward the back where he’s stopped by Lee Marshall. )

Marshall: Mr. Tees, I wonder if I could have a word with you.

Tees: Sure but make it quick I got some big plans with a couple of rats after the show.

Marshall: That was a rather impressive victory over a great up and coming wrestler Mr. Tees, but you’re next opponent is Raven this week on Thunder and that match isn’t likely to be as easy. What are your thoughts on that?

Tees: My thoughts? Didn’t I already give everyone my thoughts the last time I addressed the WCW Universe? My thoughts are simple, I’m without a doubt the greatest wrestler/manager that this business has ever seen or ever will see. I’ve won countless championships and have guided other wrestlers to just as many titles as I’ve won myself there’s nothing I can’t do in this industry and I’ve proven it time and time again. And now I’ve got my sights set on that WCW world heavyweight championship. And when I set my sights on something I get it without fail. People seem to think Raven is a threat to me I assure you he’s not just another roadblock on my path toward greatness in this company a road block I’m going to plow over.

(Tees continues speaking with Marshall simply continuing to hold the mic)

Tees: Raven there’s an old saying, be careful what you wish for. You wanted a “dream match” against me but I’m going to turn your dream into a living, breathing nightmare. You say that you’re hardcore but you have no idea. I’m Mr. Hardcore 101 and I’m going to give you a crash course in brutality this coming Thursday or Wednesday whenever the hell this show is being held. I’ve said this before you’ve been warned the bell now tolls for you and when bells start tolling heads start rolling. There’s nothing different about you vs anyone else I’ve ever faced and destroyed in that ring.

(With that Tees walks away with Marshall wrapping things up.)

Marshall: Well Folks, there you have it Jon Tees certainly doesn’t lack any confidence going into his showdown with long time rival Raven. Back to you guys in the booth.

(Fade out.)