(Jon Tees, Kevin Watkins and Jason Crawford arrive  backstage for a WCW live event. Tees appears to be leading the other two men. Watkins is to his left and Crawford to his right but both are slightly behind Tees. All three men are dressed in expensive looking custom made suits. Tees’ suit appears to be black with  white pinstripes, his sport shirt is a royal blue color and is tie is a golden color. Watkins is wearing a navy blue suit with a golden dress shirt and no tie, and last but not least Crawford is wearing a shark skin colored gray suit with a black dress shirt and a black and white tie. All three men are wearing black wingtip dress shoes and wearing sunglasses in spite of the fact that they are indoors. Watkins and Crawford are wearing your standard black designer sunglasses while Tees is wearing a pair of brown avatars. The men are approached by Lee Marshall.)


Marshall: Gentlemen what are you doing here?

Tees: What kind of idiotic question is that Marshall?

Marshall: What I mean is none of you are scheduled for this event.

Tees: We go where we please haven’t you figured that out by now dimwit?

Marshall: Oh, sorry I forgot who I was dealing with there for a second.

Tees: Don’t make that mistake again or it’ll be your last.

Tees: Talk to us with some respect we are the ones who rule this damn place or at least we soon will.

(Marshall appears to back down a bit from his previous stance.)

Marshall: Mr. Tees your opponents have been rather mum this week neither has been seen or heard from ever since you spoke last why do you suppose this is?

Tees: Isn’t it obvious? Or do I have to spell it out for you ignoramuses? They are terrified of me and have gone into witness protection. But unfortunately for them there is no protection from me and the world just isn’t big enough to hide from someone such as myself. I will find them and flush them out they will rule the day that they ever crossed my path and conspired against me.

Marshall: And what about these other two men Watkins and Crawford neither has seen action here in WCW since you arrived where were they last week when you were being ambushed by Sting?

Tees: Typical WCW asshat announcer always trying to cause dissension… but it won’t work you blithering idiot. These men are my brothers, we look out for each other and watch each’s others backs. I told them to go and take care of some other family business during that match and I made a mistake in assuming that Raven, fan favorite that he is would wrestle a fair and even contest and I wouldn’t have to worry about interference. That is  a mistake I’ll never make again and to be quite honest I’m surprised I made it in the first place given my superior intellect. These men will be keeping an eye on things and making sure nothing like that ever happens again. And don’t worry the WCW fans will soon be able to witness these two men in action as I’ve been talking to management and they will be booked soon, they have not been forgotten about it’s just that this place is so stacked with talent that not everyone can be booked every single week.


(Watkins and Crawford say nothing as Tees basically does the talking for him.)


Tees: Kevin Watkins here served in our military proudly for several years doing several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to that he was a standout wrestler in high school and college in addition to a successful high school and college football career. He’s won back to back state championship titles in both sports. As for Mr. Crawford he is a fifth generation professional wrestler. How many of you peons, peasants and piss-ants can say that? None of you… because  there are no other fifth generation wrestlers in this company or even this business. Wrestling greatness is in the blood of both of these men and pretty soon my talk will be backed up with their action the three of us are going to rule this place like kings and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it.


Marshall: But what about Raven and Sting have you already forgotten about your match with them this week?

Tees: Forgotten? I haven’t forgotten a thing except of course more about professional wrestling than either of these men will ever know. Sting your best days are behind you and were never that great to begin with. Raven you came along in the wrong era, my era, a few years before or after me you would have gotten the chance to shine but due to your misfortune you’ll be just another casualty. Wrong place, wrong time and victim of circumstance best describe the situation you find yourself in here.  I have given you your final warning this interview is over hit the bricks crap stash.


(Tees pushes Marshall to the floor as the other two men snicker a bit and the three continue along to wherever it was they were headed prior to Marshall’s interruption.)


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