(Jon Tees is shown headed into the locker room following his “loss” to Raven on Thunder this past week. He doesn’t look all that happy and has yet to shower and change out of his ring gear when he is approached by Lee Marshall and a WCW camera man. Tees has the top half of his ring gear pulled down and appears to be bleeding from the forehead.)


Lee Marshall: Mr. Tees, can I get a couple of words with you?

Tees: Tread lightly little man or the next words anyone will ever hear from you could very well be your last. I’m not a very happy giant right now. I got screwed out there and everybody knows it, the world saw it. I had Raven exactly where I wanted him and was closing in on the kill when suddenly the lights went out and the next thing I know I’m being clocked in the head with a baseball bat. To my knowledge that was not an anything goes hardcore match so where was the DQ?  


Lee Marshall: That’s not what I or anyone else witnessed from our vantage point Raven was closing in on a victory against you and then the lights went out and he obtained the victory regardless of whatever happened with the lights.


Tees: Well, you have a selective memory and are biased. I got robbed plain and simple but rather than file a police report as I should do I’m going to take matters into my own hands and seek vengeance against those who have wronged me.


(Tees proceeds to angrily knock over a row of lockers before continuing and Marshall looks horrified. He simply holds the mic from that point forward.)


Tees: RAVEN… STING The two of you conspired against me and now you are going to suffer the consequences of your little conspiracy. Raven there is no way you ever would have defeated me if not for your little butt buddy Sting I had you exactly where I wanted you as stated earlier and was on the verge of destroying you, you know it, I know it and all of these peons, peasant and piss-ants that refer to themselves as the “WCW Universe” know it. This week I will be righting the wrong when I violently and brutally defeat the both of you. Sting you made the foolish mistake of sticking your nose somewhere where it didn’t belong and I’ll gladly break it in three or four places for your trouble. I’m sort of happy that I’ll be facing the two of you at the same time, you two cowards will find out first hand why you don’t tug on superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind and you sure as hell don’t mess around with Tees. You stole money out of my pocket last week but this week I take it out on both of your sorry asses. I hope for your sakes that your health and life insurance policies are paid up because you’ll certainly be needing one or both of them. You gutless cowards have awoken a sleeping giant. The both of you have been warned and the bell now tolls for the both of you sons of bitches and when bells start tolling heads start rolling.



(Tees simply storms off and heads into the shower while Marshall still looks terrified.)