(He Stood atop the mountain in the literal sense. The wind blew through his long shoulder length brown hair. Deep in thought, he looked back upon his legendary career in this business as both a wrestler and manager. Only 32 years of age, he is considered to be a veteran of the game and as such is often mistakenly referred to as “The Old Man” either intentionally or unintentionally. This “Old man” however had some fight left in him. )

( Being taken lightly was nothing new. Throughout his career, many had thought of him as “not being good enough.” “being too out of shape” and being “better suited to guide the careers of other wrestlers instead of pursing the advancement of his own. Everyone who thought these things, and took him lightly ended up paying the ultimate price. This new batch of wrestlers would be no different.)

(The person we are referring to is one Jon Tees, best known as a manager in this generation of professional wrestlers, Tees felt as though he still had something to prove. So he signed a WCW contract as both a wrestler and a manager and had been thrust into a debut match against long time adversary Raven.
Without further hesitation Tees began speaking into the camera as he stood upon a rock with his shirt off.)

Jon Tees: Once again… I find myself in a situation where in spite of my enormous size I am in fact looked upon as the underdog. It’s been that way time and time again throughout my career. It’s funny how history has an odd way of repeating itself. Those who have followed me are well aware that every time I’ve been overlooked and underestimated I’ve proven the doubters wrong. This time there will be no exception to that proven rule.


(Tees Takes a puff from a cigar and continues.)


Jon Tees: In spite of the fact that I have stood atop this mountain as both a wrestler and a manager for the last 15 or so years  and that no one has been able to knock me off, people continue to doubt me and my abilities. Which brings me to you Raven. You and I have a bit of a past if you can call it that. We are both alumni of the World Wrestling Federation. I remember vividly eliminating you from the Royal Rumble match to become the undisputed WWF Champion. I had my doubters and naysayers claiming that I “cheated and screwed you” and that you were “the rightful winner.” “ I wouldn’t have won if not for help from my associates” etc and it went on and on.  People for whatever reason seemed to view you as the “uncrowned” and “rightful” WWF Champion, but to be honest Raven I just never really saw it. You seemed to struggle to collect wins over journeyman wrestlers while I was defending my title successfully I might add against the likes of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning and “Macho Man” Randy Savage not to mention countless others. Still, I had to hear that “If Raven ever gets a fair shot he’s going to take that title from you without much of a problem.”  I should also add that as WWF champion I still found time to manage Terry Funk to the Intercontinental Championship and Mr. Goldstein to the European Championship. I will admit there was a point when you began to look like a viable contender but once you were in a position where you could have challenged for the title you starting slacking off and losing matches against people that I’ll honestly admit you should have defeated. Your “threat” to my championship was overrated and overstated in my view. If we would have fought in a one on one match I would have destroyed you but that’s neither here nor there as the past is the past. It’s a new dawn and a new day, you and I are both currently on equal footing here in the WCW and I’m going to finally give you what you’ve been dreaming of for the longest time a one on one encounter with yours truly. You can’t beat me, I know it, you know it and everyone with half a brain knows it and it’ll all be a proven fact when I dismantle and destroy you on Thursday Night Thunder.


(Tees takes another pause.)


Tees: I’ll give you your props. You have what it takes to make a decent United States, World Television, Tag Team Champion if of course anyone is willing to be bothered with you. And if you drop 50, 60 or 100lbs you might be able to give the Cruiserweight championship a go. But that world title is out of the question as it’s as good as mine. Once in my possession there it will remain much like the WWF title during my entire tenure there.


Tees: I have given you your warning and the bell now tolls for you and as stated previously when bells start tolling heads start rolling.


(Tees then reaches into a bag and pulls out the WWF Championship.)


Tees: This is nothing but a trinket or a toy, it means nothing here in the WCW that WCW World Championship is now what I desire and what I will possess)


(Tees then tosses the WWF Championship belt from off of the top of the mountain as though he was throwing a javelin as the scene fades to black)