(We begin with a shot of a large office filled with various display and trophy cases many of which are filled to capacity. There is a desk that appears to be located uphill in this particular office as though the person sitting behind the desk likes to give off the impression of looking down upon anyone who stands before them. We then come upon one particular display case which has the initials “WCW” upon it written on a golden colored plate the case is currently empty. A man comes into view sitting behind the desk when the chair suddenly spins around and the light shines upon him, a man familiar to many and possibly unfamiliar to a very select few. This man is none other than legendary professional wrestler-manager-promoter Jon Tees. Tees drinks from a glass of whiskey and then begins speaking obviously aware that he is being filmed. )

I have dominated this industry for nearly 15 years, holding countless world and second and third tier championships as a wrestler while at the same time guiding others to these same feats of greatness as a manager. There really isn’t much of anything that I haven’t done with one exception. I have never held or managed to a championship in WCW but I am here now and plan on amending that. Mark my words I will dominate WCW in much the same manner that I have dominated every other promotion where I have ever set foot.

(Tees takes another sip of whiskey)

Tees: That World Heavyweight Championship will be mine and it makes no difference to me whether I win it myself or one of my associates wins it, that title will be in my possession by rook or crook. You have all been warned and put on notice the bell now tolls for anyone stupid enough to get in my way and unfortunate enough to be placed before me, and when bells start tolling heads start rolling see you soon until then pleasant dreams.

(Fade out)

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