(Kevin Watkins is shown standing backstage against the backdrop of a WCW Thunder logo very old school like. Watkins is dressed in his ring gear which includes a black leotard with golden trim around the sides, black knee pads and black boots. His arms are folded to his sides and he merely stands there looking stoic. Along side him stands his manager, agent, friend and occasional tag team partner the legendary Mr. Tees. Tees is dressed in a charcoal colored pinstripe suit with a golden colored dress shirt, no tie and black wingtip shoes. Tees begins speaking on behalf of Watkins to kick things off.)

Tees: Greetings again peons, peasants and piss-ants I am Mr. Tees the greatest agent and manager in wrestling today…. I represent this rather impressive looking man standing before you Kevin Watkins. A man who served his country proudly during his various tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, a man who dominated high school and college football as well as wrestling and a man who is poised to become your next world heavyweight champion and the face, franchise, golden goose of this upstart wrestling promotion whatever you want to call him.

(Watkins just continues to stand there as Tees does his talking for him.)

Tees: All of you will bow before my client and all of you will kiss the ring of the man who this company so wisely invested in whether you do so willingly or we strong arm and force you makes no difference to me.

(Watkins begins speaking at this point)

Watkins: You all know me. I’m that guy who kicked your ass and took your lunch money and then went home and banged all of those hot chicks that you could only dream about. This place is looking a lot like my old high school, a bunch of freaks and geeks that were put on earth for me to victimize and make examples of and I’ll do just that. These is no one who can stop my meteoric rise to the top of this promotion. People have accused WCW of making some poor decisions in the past and they certainly have their share of them, but the smartest decision WCW has ever made which will negate all of the hair brained ones is signing yours truly to a rather lucrative contract. I’m going to place this company on my back and carry it into the stratosphere you have all been put on notice.

(Fade out with Tees and Watkins simply standing there and Tees sporting an evil smirk.)