(Recap footage airs of Big Daddy Tees power bombing Mr. Perfect not once but twice and then eliminating him from the Royal Rumble match. We then flash forward to the present where Big Daddy Tees is sitting alongside Lord Alfred Hayes in WWF studios at Titan Towers. Hayes is dressed in a brown suit with the WWF logo on the right breast area where as Tees is dressed in a navy blue pinstripe suit with a golden color dress shirt. The WWF title is noticeably around the big man’s waist. Lord Alfred kicks things off by addressing the viewers at home.)

Hayes: Hello again ladies and gents… I’m Lord Alfred Hayes and I’m sure my guest needs no introduction he is the man who won the Royal Rumble and became the new WWF champion Big Daddy Tees.

(Tees makes a motion to the camera as though he is acknowledging the fans at home.)

Big Daddy Tees: Thanks for having me here today Alfred the pleasure is all yours. The reason I requested this interview time is simple. I have something I’d like to say to all of the peon’s, peasants and piss ants out there in TV land. None of you believed in me, all of you doubted me but here I sit before you the new WWF champion. And WWF champion I will remain until the day I retire which won’t be any time soon so get used to it.

Hayes: Well then… this week you’ll be taking on Mr. Perfect in the main event of Monday night Raw live on the USA network. It’s a non-title match but if Mr. Perfect wins he gets an eventual WWF title opportunity and a bye into the finals of the Intercontinental championship tournament what are your thoughts on this?

Big Daddy Tees: It’s all bullocks. Perfect was eliminated from the rumble by yours truly. And in a deceive fashion might I add. There was no doubt or question about his elimination at all it was rather clear and apparent. So that said why should Mr. Perfect be given this opportunity to get a bye into the finals of The I.C title tournament and a shot at my WWF championship? Just doesn’t’ seem fair. It’s a bit equivalent to Perfect losing this upcoming match and getting a title shot anyway. Does he deserve it? I think not. Who has he beaten since he’s been back here? No one, or at least not anyone of any significance.

(Hayes is about to speak but Tees again cuts him off.)

Big Daddy Tees: Mr. Perfect allow me to jar your memory I’m the man who eliminated you from the Royal Rumble and killed your dream of holding this (taps the WWF title) on that night. And I’m the man who is going to kill your chance of ever holding this prestigious championship that means more than it’s ever meant before now that it’s around my waist. Now that I hold this the only way you ever will is over my dead body. The WWF championship is finally home where it rightfully belongs and this is where it will remain for all time. You have been warned Mr. Perfect and I’ll see you on Monday night.

(Tees shakes hands with Hayes and removes his mic. He walks off of the set and out of the building getting into the back of a waiting limo.)

(Fade out)