( Live shots of Jesse “The Body” Ventura bench pressing are shown. Ventura then seems to notice the camera and stops dead in his tracks, he begins speaking. He’s dressed in a Jesse “The Body” T-shirt and what appears to be a pair of designer jeans with a weird mesh hat and a pair of sunglasses. )

Jesse Ventura: Welcome To Jesse “The Body’s” Body shop. And what a unique guest I have this week he is the WWF champion and a man being unfairly targeted by WWF president Jack Tunney please join me in welcoming Big Daddy Tees.

(Big Daddy Tees comes out dressed in a designer suit with the WWF championship around his waist. The suit appears to be black with white pinstripes, his shoes are shiny black wing tips, and he’s wearing a golden color dress shirt with no tie. Like Ventura he is also wearing sunglasses. He approaches Ventura and shakes his hand)

Big Daddy Tees: Thanks for having me this week Jesse. I want to mention what an honor and a privilege it is to be here.

Jesse Ventura: Big Daddy Tees it seems Jack Tunney has it in for you unfairly booking you against a mystery opponent this week on Monday Night Raw how do you feel about Tunney’s bogus antics?

Big Daddy Tees: You’re absolutely right Jesse it’s completely bogus. I don’t know what Tunney’s problem is. Ever since I won the rumble he’s been out to get me. I won the match and the championship fair and square and yet this man keeps insisting that I somehow cheated and don’t deserve to be champion and has been conspiring to get the title off me. Well I got news for you Mr. Tunney it’s not going to work. Whether you like it, love it or hate it…. I’m going to be your WWF champion for a long, long, long time.

Jesse Ventura: Does it really matter who this mystery opponent is then?

Big Daddy Tees: No… no it doesn’t… not at all. It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to me. Whoever it is will be made an example of when I defeat them right in the center of the ring. I’m walking in champion and I’m walking out still your WWF champion. You brain dead morons had better get used to me walking around with the gold because there’s not a damn thing you, Jack Tunney or anyone else can do about it.

Jesse Ventura: We’re running out of time and need to wrap this up any last words for Jack Tunney and your mystery opponent?

Big Daddy Tees: Tunney you messed with the wrong man and it’ll ultimately cost you your job. Mystery person you signed on to face the wrong opponent and will pay a heavy, heavy price for it. You have both been warned and the bell now tolls for the both of you. When bells start rolling heads start rolling… Mystery opponent I’ll see you this coming Monday… Tunney I’ll see you on the unemployment line once I’m finished with you.

Jesse Ventura: (Shaking Tees’ hand) Well champ it was an honor to have you here best of luck on Monday.

Big Daddy Tees: Luck is for losers Jesse and the honor and privilege of being here was all mine take care.

(Tees departs the set of the body shop to overwhelming boos and heads backstage.)