(We begin in a rather large penthouse apartment. Looking out the large windows we can see a panoramic view with a clear blue ocean on one side and what appears to be a mountain range on the other. We travel back inside of the apartment and notice several expensive items such as gold and silver coins, Faberge egg and humble figurines in display cases. There are several magazines on business and investing on the coffee table and a large screen 27” tv sitting in the center of the room. Mr. Goldstein suddenly comes into view dressed in a white suit with a red sport shirt and no tie, matching white shoes and a pair of designer sunglasses with tinted lenses. Goldstein immediately begins speaking as though he were expecting the camera to be there.)

Mr. Goldstein: Welcome to my humble abode here in Costa Rica. This is where I make my winter residence. This home and the items you see in it cost more than most of you nickel and dime 9-5 low lives make in your entire pathetic lifetimes. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m richer than you therefore I’m better than you as well deal with it.

(Goldstein grabs his newly won European championship which was sitting alongside him.)

Mr. Goldstein: I won this championship this past week on an overseas tour. I defeated the best wrestlers that Europe has ever known in a single evening. This is a feat that no one other than myself could have accomplished. Mighty Voo Voo couldn’t have done it, Terry Funk couldn’t have done it, Raven couldn’t have done it nor could anyone else but I went out there and I did it. As a result ladies and gentleman and I use that term loosely I sit here before you your new European champion. But mark my words I don’t plan on stopping here. As great and prestigious as the European title is because of yours truly. I plan on adding more gold to my collection. You see “ladies and gentlemen” this coming week at “The Battle In Seattle” I’ll be challenging a man if you can call him that who if not for me would have been defeated by that decrepit old fossil Terry Funk for the Intercontinental championship. The “man” That I speak of is none other than that freak Mighty Voo Voo. Mighty Voo Voo make no mistake about it you won that title with a big assist from yours truly. I slammed the cage door on Terry Funk’s head and began collecting the bounty. I say began because I’m far from finished with Terry Funk. I know that senile old bastard will be back looking for revenge sooner or later and I’ll be ready and waiting to finish what I started and finally put him out to pasture. But in the meantime Voo Voo you have something that I want and deserve, something that as far as I’m concerned rightfully belongs to me The Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. And as a man who always gets what I want, I’m going to take it on Saturday night when I defeat you in the center of that ring in front of all of your fans who are just as deluded and delusional as you are. You aren’t anything Voo Voo and I’ll more than prove it when I rip you limb from limb and show everyone that you don’t belong in the same ring or even the same arena as myself.

(Goldstein pauses and takes a sip of water.)

Mr. Goldstein: I destroy everyone who I face and you’ll be no exception. I have given you ample warning and a chance to do as so many have done and forfeit. Don’t even bother showing up to this event if you know what’s good for you. If you do show up I’ll give you the thrashing of a lifetime. But in the mean time get out of my house this interview is over.

(Goldstein simply smirks evilly as the camera fades.)