(Jushin “Thunder” Liger is currently in the middle of a match against Barry Hardy on Wrestling Challenge. The match seems to be nearing it’s conclusion as Liger has just nailed Hardy with the Crash Thunder Buster and has him in position for The Liger Bomb… Liger connects and pins Hardy for the 1 2 3. “Ikari no Jushin” hits for a bit and Big Daddy Tees comes in to congratulate Liger. The two are then interrupted by Lord Alfred Hayes who wishes to conduct an interview at ringside. Hayes is dressed in the usual issued WWF suit. Liger his ring gear and Tees a charcoal colored suit with white pinstripes, black shoes and a light blue sport shirt with no tie.)

Lord Alfred Hayes: Gentlemen that was rather impressive. As a matter of fact Jushin “Thunder” Liger has been very impressive in singles and tag team action as of late. I would venture to say that championship gold could very well be in his future.

(Big Daddy Tees begins speaking)

Big Daddy Tees: Of course gold is in the man’s future and very soon I might add. I have entered him along with Mr. Goldstein into this 10 man battle royal to determine the number one contender for the Intercontinental championship this coming week on Raw.

Lord Alfred Hayes: But isn’t that a bit of a conflict having two men whom you both manage, two men who are apart of a team as competitors against each other in a match with such high stakes?

Big Daddy Tees: Some might see it that way… but yours truly is a visionary who can see things that others can’t. Having two men who are apart of the Syndicate in the same match increases the odds that one of them will prevail and come out on top. My guys are above and beyond the caliber of everyone else and will more than prove this in this battle royal.

Lord Alfred Hayes: Jushin “Liger” how do you feel about the recent actions of your long time tag team partner Terry Funk? Basically using you and your brothers in The Syndicate as a means to an end.

Jushin “Thunder” Liger: How do you think I feel? I feel like this man here… hurt, disappointed and betrayed. Terry Funk was like a brother to me, I had him over to my home, our families had dinner together and so on and so forth. But Funk showed his true colors when he walked away from the family after getting what he wanted out of the deal. Well I can guarantee that Terry Funk will pay for his dishonorable actions. But I and not Goldstein will win this battle royal and be the one to make him pay. I know Terry Funk probably better than anyone else. I studied the man’s career, we have wrestled with and against each other all over the world. If anyone is going to collect on this bounty it’s going to, has to be me. I don’t care how I do it whether it’s in the confines of a match, before or after a match or in a dark alley in the middle of the night I’m going to be the man who puts Terry Funk out of action and avenges what he did to this man here and the rest of us as well. No one walks away from The Syndicate and lives to tell about it.

Big Daddy Tees: It doesn’t matter whether it’s Liger or Goldstein but one of my guys will win this battle royal and go on to win the Intercontinental championship next week. Funk that title doesn’t look right around your womanly waist and you are a poor representation of an Intercontinental champion, but we are going to fix that. It also makes no difference to me who collects the bounty on Funk. I’d prefer it be one of my guys but that $10,000 is up for grabs for anyone who wants to put Funk out of professional wrestling.

Lord Alfred Hayes: Thank you gentleman for your time.

(Hayes seems to hurry off as though he has to be somewhere as Tees and Liger head to the back.)

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