( A large lake surrounded by mountains. The setting appears to be Japan in late winter. Suddenly Jushin “Thunder” Liger comes into view he is dressed in what appears to be a track suit with running shoes. Although he isn’t wearing his usual attire his legendary mask is still present. We watch Liger as he works out running across vast Acers of beautiful countryside. His voice narrates things even though he is not currently speaking.)

Jushin Liger: Raven

(Liger pauses as more of his running is shown)

Jushin Liger: Raven

(Another pause.)

Jushin Liger: (laughs evilly) Raven… That’s a girl’s name. I’m supposed to be intimidated by a man with a female name? Give me a break. I’m Jushin “Thunder” Liger one of the most dangerous and powerful men on the planet. I couldn’t help but laugh during your promo in which you basically threatened me. You threatening me? It’s funny. You are someone who was eliminated from the rumble and like so many Americans are blaming your short comings on someone else. You won’t have any excuse when I eliminate you from this tournament and go on to win it. There’s no stopping me and don’t be concerned with the boss you aren’t even going to get passed me. I’m going to take you out in much the same manner that I took out Tito Santana. I train and work harder than everyone else and always go the extra mile inside and outside of that ring. I will be victorious here as there is no one in my league or on my level in this entire tournament. It should come as no surprise to anyone when Intercontinental championship gold is placed around my waist where it shall remain for all eternity.

(Liger laughs as his run commences.)

Heavy Bags and Free Standing Bags