(The following video airs depicting numerous highlights of Jushin Liger’s career in Japan and other parts of the world prior to joining the ranks of The World Wrestling Federation.)

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(This is followed up by Jushin “Thunder” Liger and his manager Big Daddy Tees appearing against The Royal Rumble backdrop in the backstage area. Tees is dressed in a royal blue suit with a golden color dress shirt and no tie. Liger is dressed in his red and white ring attire complete with cape. Tees begins speaking first.)

Big Daddy Tees: Tito Santana are you crazy or just plain stupid? Perhaps a little of both? After seeing what you have seen are you really sure you want to face this man in his debut match here in the World Wrestling Federation? This man has decimated the competition everywhere he has gone and it will be no different here.

(It was then that Liger began speaking though his mouth never seemed to move.)

Jushin Liger: Tito Santana you are by far one of the best wrestlers in the world today… however you aren’t very smart due to the fact that you have signed on to face me in my debut match here in the WWF. I could potentially eliminate you from The Royal Rumble match before you even set foot in it. There is a reason and a very good reason no one else wanted to face me and that video package speaks for itself. I dominate wherever I go and I will defeat you Santana and then go on to become the WWF champion by winning The Royal Rumble. Neither you nor anyone else can hope to contain much less stop me.

(Tees once more took over from there.)

Big Daddy Tees: By the time the Royal Rumble event commences I’ll either be The WWF champion or I’ll be managing the WWF champion either way it makes no difference to me. But you can pretty much bank on the fact that the WWF title will be in my possession one way or another by nights end. And no one is going to foil my plan… especially not someone who has spent the majority of his career as a glorified stepping stone and now all of a sudden has the desire to become WWF champion? I hate to break it to you Santana but you just don’t have what it takes. You would have already been WWF champion by now if you did. What are you 38-39 and you’ve had quite the lengthy career as well? Just face facts Santana your best years are behind you and aside from an occasional Intercontinental and tag team championship run they really were never that great to begin with. You have been warned Santana don’t even bother showing up if you know what’s good for you.

(With that the scene faded out.)