(I have no remorse, I have no regret the only thing I’m sorry for is the fact that I didn’t act alone and injure Jon Roth singlehandedly. If I could change one thing about last Monday’s incident that would be it. I would have been the one to repeatedly slam that ring bell into that punk’s thick skull and caused his injury. … but that wasn’t the case, wasn’t the case at all… it was really more or less a team effort. But this time with Sykko it would be different I’ll be acting alone when I take out that big goof and end his career as we did to his partner. )

(I am currently on my way out of the Manhattan center, bags packed, ready to go. I am dressed in an expensive suit but with the addition of my trademark mask which I am never seen in public without. Tees, Funk and Goldstein have already departed the building and headed home. They wanted to go out and celebrate their victories and the injury to Jon Roth, but I just wanted to head home and had some business to attend to at the time they were leaving. Just as I am about to make my exit I am approached by Mean Gene and a camera man. I am shocked, surprised and a little bit angry. At this.)

Mean Gene: Jushin Liger you got a lot of explaining to do young man!.

Liger: What do you want Okerlund can’t you see I’m leaving or do you have cataracts?

Okerlund: Ha ha… very funny (sarcasm) what is the big idea of injuring Jon Roth the way that you did? That was totally uncalled for.

Liger: I’m afraid you are mistaken unfortunately. You see in a perfect world and under the right circumstances I would have injured Jon Roth on my own and would be able to say that I single handedly took him out and ended his sorry excuse of a career. But in reality the world and the circumstances are imperfect, although I played a role in Roth’s injury it was more of a team effort.

Mean Gene: Don’t you have remorse or regret about that incident at all?

Liger: No… No I don’t.

Mean Gene: But what do you have to say to his partner Sykko who is more than likely going to be out for revenge this week?

Liger: You’re welcome that’s what I have to say.

Mean Gene: You’re welcome? You injured the man’s partner and possibly ended the kid’s career.

Liger: That’s right Sykko you’re welcome you may not realize it now but I did you a favor… taught you a very valuable lesson. The only person you can rely and depend on in this world is yourself. Everyone else will let you down . You see nobody really cares about anyone else they’re only out for themselves. And the quicker you realize that and learn that lesson in life the better off you’ll be. You may not believe this now but someday you’ll thank me for my role in what we did to your tag team partner. What I wish I would have done alone. Although the past is in the past, and there isn’t anything I can do to rectify things, I can and will learn from the past and this week when we face off I will be acting alone when I injure you, end your career and reunite you with your partner in a New York City hospital. You can pretty much take my words to the bank. This time I will be acting alone and will be able to take full credit for putting an end to you. You and your partner needed to learn a lesson in respect he learned his and he’ll think twice before he ever disrespects us again and you’ll learn the very same lesson this coming Monday.

Liger: Now as I said I’m taking my leave get lost Okerlund!

(I shove the mic into his chest and walk off.)