(Our scene begins in a typical WWF locker room area. Lord Alfred Hayes dressed in a tuxedo is shown standing in front of a camera and speaking to the home audience.)

Lord Alfred Hayes:
Ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, a man who will take on Raven at The Battle in Seattle in the first ever Japanese Death Match.. Jushin “Thunder” Liger along with his manager Big Daddy Tees.

(Liger and Tees enter the scene dressed in their typical backstage attire. Tees in his usual suit and Liger in his full ring attire with the addition of the what I suppose you would call a “cape vest.” That he typically wears when not competing. Tees as always has The WWF championship around his waist. He begins speaking first.)

Big Daddy Tees: Hey Al E. Boy how’s it going?

Lord Alfred Hayes: I really can’t complain how bout yourself?

Big Daddy Tees:
Everyone is conspiring against me and my associates but hey it’s nothing new we always find new and innovative ways to win and come out on top.

Lord Alfred Hayes: Well this week your client Jushin “Thunder” Liger will take on Raven in a Japanese Death Match a match never before seen in the WWF. What are your thoughts on that?

Big Daddy Tees: I’m looking forward to it.

Lord Alfred Hayes: But it’s a career shortening/threatening match how can you be looking forward to it?

Big Daddy Tees: I’m looking forward to having a front row seat and watching Liger eliminate Raven once and for all. Raven has been a real thorn in my backside for months. Though I must admit with his recent losing streak he’s become much less relevant than he was in the beginning but still in all the guy is like a bad case of syphilis that just won’t go away. But we’re going to amend that this coming Saturday Night in a brutal and barbaric Japanese death match. The rules are fairly simple two men enter and one man survives we finish this thing once and for all.

(Liger began speaking at that point with Hayes just standing there holding the mic)

Jushin Liger:
Raven you never defeated me in our first encounter I defeated myself by making a very foolish and stupid mistake and getting disqualified. This time there are no count outs, no disqualifications and I can pretty much do whatever I damn well please to you with it being nice and legal. I happen to know that you’re terrified of facing me again and I can’t say that I blame you as I wouldn’t want to face me either. I have only gotten better and become more ruthless and less compassionate since the last time we fought. This time I will emerge victorious and there won’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind regarding the legitimacy of my victory. I will end your career in the opening match much like how Big Daddy Tees will end the legendary career of The “Macho Man” Randy Savage in the main event. You may think you have some sort of advantage in this type of a match but make my mistake a Japanese Death match is right in my wheel house. I enjoy being in violent confrontations where there are few if any rules and will be right at home in this sort of match. I’m not only going to defeat you but I’m going to make you suffer and truly savor the experience. You will come to regret the day that you ever decided to become a professional wrestler and might reconsider your decision and choose a different profession once I’m finished with you. You don’t belong in the same ring with me and everyone with half a brain realizes that with the exception of yourself but you’ll come to realize and understand it perfectly well when we face off in one of the most violent and brutal matches to ever be witnessed by a WWF audience.

(Tees took over again.)

Big Daddy Tees: Raven you have been warned and the bell now tolls for you, when bells start tolling heads start rolling and even though your career isn’t on the line like Savage’s is it will be ended just the same when this man cripples you and puts you in a wheel chair. You got on the wrong side of the wrong man and will spend the rest of your life paying for it.

Lord Alfred Hayes: Thank you gentlemen for your time.

Big Daddy Tees: DON’T MENTION IT!

(Scene fades as the two men exit)