(We catch it with Big Daddy Tees and Jushin “Thunder” Liger in the locker room area following Liger’s DQ loss to Raven this past week on Monday Night Raw. Tees is dressed in a royal blue suit once more with a golden color sport shirt, no tie and shiny black wingtip dress shoes. Liger in his usual ring attire. The two men appear to be in the middle of an in progress discussion though we can’t make out what they are saying when the are interrupted by Mean Gene Okerlund. Okerlund is dressed in his usual tux with the WWF logo on the breast.)

Tees: What do you want Okerlund?

Mean Gene: I was just wondering if I could get some post match comments with Jushin Liger regarding his loss to Raven.

Tees: First of all Liger didn’t lose he got disqualified by a corrupt on the take referee.

Okerlund: But a loss is a loss and a wins a win is it not?

Tees: No chrome dome it’s not. Raven didn’t win anything. He didn’t pin Liger or make him submit… and he certainly didn’t incapacitate Liger to the point he couldn’t continue like I did to Mr. Perfect. Jushin Liger is standing before you now and looks fine in fact he’s never looked better. He isn’t lying flat on his back receiving medical attention, he’s not in a hospital nor is he going to be on the shelf for any length of time. Liger will be right back at it doing what he does best kicking ass and taking names next week on Raw. Raven listen to me when I say this is far from over you have not seen nor heard the last of Jushin “Thunder” Liger.

(It was then Liger took the mic and began speaking for himself.)

Liger: Raven you have no way of knowing when or where I will exact my revenge, but one thing you can be sure of is that vengeance will indeed be mine… as Tees said you did not beat me you won by a dishonorable disqualification because of a crooked and moronic referee…. Who more than likely disqualified me not because I did anything wrong, but because I hail from the orientate. A lot of these WWF referees are a bunch of racist pricks who still harbor grudges over past world wars. World War 2 may be long over but our war is just beginning and it won’t end until one of us is carried out of the building on a stretcher and has a lengthy hospital stay. I’m coming for you Raven! You won’t know where or when but you have best be prepared for when I strike it will be with anger and furious vengeance.


(Mean Gene leaves and the camera fades out)