(Terry Funk is shown sitting in an empty arena along with the newly signed Jim Ross. Ross and Funk are sitting in what appears to be the second row and Jimmy Hart is sitting alongside Funk to his right with Ross sitting on his left. Ross is wearing a gray sport jacket with a black colored dress shirt and black pants. On his head sits a black cowboy hat. Funk is wearing his ring gear with the intercontinental belt around his waist and Hart is dressed in attire that is typical for him. In front of the three men and the camera man sits an old school looking steel cage blue in color about fifteen feet high. )

Jim Ross:
Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m Jim Ross and joining me are the current Intercontinental Champion Terry Funk and his manager… new manager I should say “The Mouth” of The South” Jimmy Hart. Gentleman welcome. This week Terry Funk will make his first defense of the intercontinental championship when he sets foot into a fifteen foot high steel cage to take on Mighty Voo Voo.

(Funk began speaking at this point.)

Terry Funk: It’s great to be here Jim, and welcome to the WWF by the way. Jimmy and I are excited about me making this defense against Mighty Voo Voo a truly worthy and deserving competitor. I have my doubters and I have my critics people are saying that I “stole one.” And that I “don’t deserve to be champion.” That’s a bunch of horse manure and everybody knows it. I paid my dues, I sacrificed my entire career and I’m finally getting the respect and recognition I deserve as the Intercontinental champion. The match last week was under triple threat rules meaning the first pinfall, submission wins the match, you didn’t have to beat both people only one. Which I did I saw the opportunity to win the match and I seized it and as a result am now champion people need to learn to deal with that and get over it.

(Funk’s tone then suddenly changed.)

Terry Funk: I’m going to prove to all of the simple minded people out there that I am in fact the one true deserving champion when I beat the other man who was in that match within an inch of his life inside of this steel cage this coming Monday. You see there are three ways I can win pinfall, submission or escaping the cage but in any event no one will doubt or understate my victory this time. Voo Voo and everyone else will know he was defeated and defeated soundly when he’s left lying in a river of his own blood and I stand triumphant in victory holding this very intercontinental championship over my head. Jimmy tell em.

(Funk gets up and leaves heading toward the cage. He climbs it and does a moonsault from the top of the cage and then climbs it again. While Jimmy Hart begins speaking.)

Jimmy Hart: Voo Voo you seem to think our profession is some sort of a lark. You come out dressed in a super hero costume talking about how great the 80’s were compared to now. Well I lived through the 80’s jack and they weren’t that great, other than a few highlights in my career. You’re stuck in some sort of a time warp but the blinding light of reality is about to smack you square in the face when your career is ended at the hands of the legendary Terry Funk. Terry Funk is at home inside of that steel cage where as you are stepping out of your element into someplace you don’t want to be.

(A shot of Funk eating what appears to be spaghetti at a table inside of the cage. Followed by him sitting in a recliner and watching television with his feet up.)

Jimmy Hart: You see Terry lives in the cage but that very cage is where your career will die this upcoming Monday night (laughs evilly) and if any member of The Syndicate wants to get involved and try and spoil our victory… there’s a surprise in store a surprise you won’t like. (Laughs again) people may have questioned Terry Funk’s victory the last time but this time that won’t be the case. The Intercontinental championship is staying with us, where it belongs. (Laughs again.)

Jim Ross: Well thank you very much gentleman.

Jimmy Hart: The Pleasure was all yours.

(The scene fades with Funk screaming incoherently from the top of the cage.)

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