(The theme for the Bobby Heenan show plays and it’s apparent that the show has returned from commercial. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan is shown sitting at his desk dressed in a one of his expensive shirts with the initials “B.H.” on them. Only Heenan’s upper body is shown as he’s seated behind a rather large desk. To his left side are two chairs obviously intended for guests.)

Bobby Heenan: Welcome back humanoids!. You know there’s a lot of people that run around The United States, Canada and the world who like to pretend that they’re cowboys. Well my guest is a true cowboy, a bounty hunter, a man from west Texas where the only real cowboys come from. Please join me in welcoming Terry Funk and his manager the WWF champion Big Daddy Tees!!.

(Tees and Funk make their way out onto the stage and are greeted by fake applause. Tees is dressed in his usual backstage attire a designer suit with his name across the back of the jacket in what appears to be diamonds as always the WWF championship is around his waist and Funk is wearing a cowboy hat, a blue poncho, a pair of green chaps, his ring gear and a pair of cowboy boots with spurs. He’s carrying a branding iron as well. Both men embrace Heenan shaking his hand and take their seats. )

Bobby Heenan: Gentlemen welcome it’s great to have you here.

Big Daddy Tees: Thanks for having us Bobby. It’s a true honor.

Bobby Heenan:
Anyway gentleman this week Terry Funk is going for the Intercontinental championship against Mighty Voo Voo and Raven. I just can’t stop laughing about what you two did to them last week beating them up, humiliating them and dressing them up like clowns. Roll the footage numb nuts.

(Footage airs from this past Monday’s edition of Raw where Terry Funk came out dressed like Doink The Clown and with help from Big Daddy Tees assaulted Raven and Voo Voo ultimately laying both men out, and dressing them up like clowns for added humiliation. When we return from the footage airing all three men Heenan included are laughing quite a bit.)

Big Daddy Tees: Well you know those two jabroni’s are indeed clowns and are joking if they think either one of them has a chance against Terry Funk especially in the finals of the Intercontinental championship tournament. All that we did is make them look the part. And what a splendid job we did at that but you have to admit they made it pretty easy. And then the biggest clown of them all WWF president Jack Tunney decided to stick his nose in our business and turned what would have been a one on one contest with one of these jokers against the legendary Terry Funk into a triple threat match. Once more trying to stack the deck against me and my men. But what Tunney doesn’t realize is that we like a challenge and work best when backed into a corner when the odds are against us. But unfortunately for these two fools neither could lace Terry Funk’s boots so we still have the upper hand.

Bobby Heenan: Can you believe that fool Tunney bared you from ringside for no apparent reason?

Big Daddy Tees:
I don’t put anything past Tunney at all no one ever accused that man of being smart a day in his life. Tunney may have bared me from ringside but he can’t prevent me from buying a ticket and hell even buying the entire front row and sitting out there along with my other Syndicate members as we cheer on brother Terry as he defeats Voo Voo and Raven and captures the Intercontinental championship. I told you I would win the Royal Rumble and become WWF champion and I did it. Now I am telling you that we are going to bring the rest of the WWF gold into this Syndicate starting this week when Terry Funk wins the Intercontinental championship tournament and goes on to Wrestlemania to face yours truly in what will surely be an epic battle where the best man will win but either way the gold will remain in the Syndicate for all time.

(Terry Funk began speaking at this point.)

Terry Funk:
I just want the simple minded people out there in TV land to understand one thing… I’m Terry Funk a multi time world and tag team champion. Big Daddy Tees recruited me into the Syndicate for two reasons. To win championships and take people out. I aim to do both this coming Monday when I take on those two egg sucking dogs Raven and Mighty Voo Voo in a triple threat match that neither deserves to be in. In have beaten
bonafide future legends and hall of famers and neither of these men are fit to clean my horse stables yet alone set foot in the ring in a championship match none the less against me. I will become the Intercontinental champion mark my words that title is as good as mine. The only way Raven or Mighty Voo Voo will be making it to Wrestlemania is if they buy a ticket or at the very least appear on the undercard. Myself and Big Daddy Tees will be headlining the grandest event of the year, the showcase of the Immortals.

Bobby Heenan: So you guys seem pretty confident in spite of Tunney stacking the deck against you. That’s good but we’re about out of time this week and need to wrap things up.

Big Daddy Tees:
it was great to be here Bobby (shakes Heenan’s hand as does Funk.)

(Tees and Funk then depart the set as the ending credits roll. )