(Terry Funk is shown in in the locker room and appears to be in a nearly unconscious state being treated for injuries sustained during the Royal Rumble match. Funk is still dressed in the same gear he appeared in during the match itself. Big Daddy Tees is by his side with the WWF championship draped over his shoulder. He begins talking to the doctor regarding Funk’s condition. Tees is also dressed in the same gear he wore in the rumble match with the addition of his ring jacket. )

Big Daddy Tees: So how is he doc? Is he going to be alright?

Doctor: Yeah, he should be fine just some bumps, bruises and a possible concussion nothing that he won’t be able to handle and bounce back from.

(Suddenly Terry Funk springs from the table and begins shoving doctors away from him. He begins yelling and screaming incoherently and throwing objects around the locker room such as chairs, medical carts and so on. Tees tries to calm Funk down but to no avail. Funk gets in his face and starts screaming.)


Big Daddy Tees: It was a team effort we won Terry we have the WWF title.

Terry Funk: MORE LIKE YOU WON!! You have the title… you used me I thought I could trust you kid and you stuck a damn knife in my back after the opportunity I gave you to manage a legend and help that legend reach a level he never previously reached. I don’t know why I trusted you I should have selected a manager that was just that a simple manager not someone who is also an active wrestler as well.

Big Daddy Tees: I didn’t betray you Terry and you’ll never have to worry about me sticking a knife in your back. If ever there comes a time when you are no longer of any use to me I’ll take that knife and stick it right in your heart just so you know where I’m coming from. We’re a team.

(This seems to bury the issue at least for the time being as Funk drops it and moves on.)

Big Daddy Tees: All isn’t lost Terry you have the opportunity to bring more gold into our glorious organization when you face Michael “P.S” Hayes this week in the first round of the Intercontinental Championship tournament. I’m going to eliminate Mr. Perfect in the main event so you won’t have to be concerned with him, and Liger will take care of Raven and avenge what happened to you at his hands in the rumble. Nothing to worry about Terry nothing at all. You or Liger most likely you will become Intercontinental champion. If or I should say when you win you and I could end up facing off at Wrestlemania on the grandest stage and when that happens may the best man win but the title will remain in the family where it belongs.

(Terry then begins speaking as though this is being filmed and Michael Hayes is going to see it.)

Terry Funk: Michael Hayes you’re a coward plain and simple. You got yourself eliminated from the rumble match so you could avoid facing me. But you won’t be so lucky this week when me and you meet one on one mono e mono in the middle of the ring in the first round of The Intercontinental championship tournament. You are currently looking at the future intercontinental champion but you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren how you were violently and viciously beaten and disfigured in the first round of an epic tournament by the eventual winner of that tournament. Hayes you’re in for a world of pain and suffering this coming Monday it’ll be a night you won’t soon forget or if you do on the account of taking one too many shots to the head you’ll be able to relive it by watching the footage over and over again for the rest of your miserable life.

(Tees smirks evilly as he repositions the title to the opposite shoulder as the scene fades out.)