(Terry Funk is shown wrestling against Special Delivery Jones on Wrestling Challenge. The match is already in progress and is nearing it’s end. Jones attempts a drop kick but lands awkwardly on his ankle. He falls to the ground clutching it and Funk attacks like a vicious piranha. Stomping on the ankle and attacking it. Oddly he picks Jones up and executes a Texas Piledriver , after that point he applies the spinning toe hold for the submission victory. Big Daddy Tees enters the ring and congratulates his man as Funk continues stomping away on Jones eventually picking him up and tossing him over the top rope and out to the floor. As Tees and Funk head toward the locker room they are stopped by Jesse Ventura who wishes to conduct an interview. )

Jesse Ventura: Ladies and gentleman please join me in welcoming Terry Funk along with his manager Big Daddy Tees.

(Funk and Tees approach the interview podium and shake Ventura’s hand. Tees is dressed in his usual suit and Funk his typical ring gear with the poncho and cowboy hat (which he has placed back on upon completing his match. )

Ventura: Gentleman that was a rather impressive outing I must say S.D. Jones was game but Terry Funk found a way to win.

Big Daddy Tees: Thanks Jesse and let it be known that Terry Funk always finds a way to win and will always find a way to win it’s what he does. You’re looking at what could potentially be your next WWF champion. It’ll either be Myself, Mr. Funk here or Jushin Liger but there isn’t anyway anyone other than one of the three of us are winning this thing. We’re a team and will work together to eliminate 27 other men and bring that title where it rightfully belongs into my clutches .

Ventura: Love the confidence BDT and it’s obvious you guys have the advantage going into the rumble. But there is just one little thing. Mr. Funk has to first earn his spot in the rumble match by defeating Tony Atlas in a match earlier on the card.

Big Daddy Tees: Make no mistake about it Jesse myself and Mr. Funk agree that this putting Funk’s rumble spot on the line is complete and total B.S. But that said Terry Funk will destroy Tony Atlas and make an example out of him. Tony Atlas will rule the day that he decided to return to the WWF and attempted to re-establish himself at Terry Funk’s expense. Putting the spot on the line may be a gamble but rest assured Terry Funk will prevail in the match against Atlas and will then be able to choose from available entry points that won’t be decided earlier in the evening. True he might not get the number 30 spot but he could come in at another late spot and have a huge advantage not that he’d need one, you know, I know and everyone knows that Terry Funk is quite capable of winning this whole damn thing even if he were to enter at a low number.

(Jesse Ventura seems as though he’s about to speak again when Terry Funk interjects himself.)

Terry Funk: Tony Atlas just who in the hell do you think you are? I’ll tell you who you are. You’re a body builder who decided for whatever reason to become a professional wrestler. You had some success early on due to being teamed with Rocky Johnson and he carried your worthless behind to the tag team titles. Now you want to come back and attempt to become WWF champion? Dream on it’s not going to happen especially when you have to go through myself to do it. I’m a legend in this business, multiple time world and tag team champion I’ve done pretty much everything there is to do except win that WWF title. Mark my words my time is now and that WWF title is coming home with me at The Royal Rumble and around my waist that title will stay until the day I retire. I’m not taking you lightly at all Atlas just letting you know that you are inferior to me you are nowhere in my league or anywhere near my level. I was born and bred to be a champion in this business and you’re just some guy who had some bodybuilding success and decided to get into professional wrestling.

Big Daddy Tees: Tony Atlas you picked the wrong man to make your return against… and if we have our way we’ll put you out of wrestling for good.

Gentleman I’d like to thank you for your time and wish you luck at The Rumble event and in the rumble match. You are my favorites to come away with the title.

Big Daddy Tees: Thanks Jesse and when it comes to color commentators you are the best in the business.

(Tees and Funk again shake Ventura’s hand and head to the dressing room.)