(Terry Funk has returned home after a long day of hunting and fishing, he’s bagged a couple of trophy fish and some trophy game as well. He enters into his den and checks his messages mostly junk calls, solicitors trying to sell him various things, a few messages from non-fans and fans alike, a message from his brother reminding him about an upcoming family get together. But one message that stands out is the one from his former manager and tag team partner the recently fired Big Daddy Tees. Funk sits down and listens to this message intently as he hears Tees’ voice.)

Big Daddy Tees: Terry… Terry… Terry. What are you thinking man? Did you honestly think you could just walk away after all I’ve done for you? I dusted off your washed up, forgotten career and gave it a new sense of purpose, a new sense of meaning and had you back at the top again. I practically handed you the Intercontinental championship on a silver platter and this is how you repay me? You are one ungrateful son of a bitch Funk! There’s no walking away from this ,old man… the only way anyone leaves is by being lowered into the ground and all you’ve managed to accomplish is signing your own death warrant. (laughs evilly.) I put out a lucrative bounty on you Funk anyone who can put you out of wrestling will be $10,000 richer you made the biggest mistake of your life when you crossed me and are about to pay dearly for it.

(This is the end of the message Funk laughs and begins speaking to himself.)

Terry Funk: A bounty on me? Is he crazy? I’m the bounty hunter. I collect bounties on other people and that egg sucking dog put a bounty on me? Me of all people?

(Flash forward to Funk having supper. It’s a bit late so he turns in shortly thereafter. )

(The next day Funk along with his new manager Jimmy Hart are in WWF studios being interviewed by Gene Okerlund. The Intercontinental championship is around Funk’s waist and he’s wearing a cowboy hat in a tan color with a blue poncho. The Backdrop is a simple WWF logo. )

Gene Okerlund:
Please join me in welcoming The New Intercontinental Champion Terry Funk and his new manager Jimmy Hart. As many of you may know Terry Funk is no longer apart of The Syndicate and is no longer managed by Big Daddy Tees. Do you care to shed some light on why this is the case Terry?

Terry Funk: Once Upon a time when I was a child I had a jackass. My father walked up to that jackass, cocked a gun and blew that Jack Asses’ brains out. Now I said to my father “Daddy!!! Why did you do that to my jackass?” He said because that jackass was fat and useless.

(Okerlund looks a bit confused)

Terry Funk: Long story short Big Daddy Tees is about as fat and useless as that jackass. I used him and played him for a fool to get exactly what I wanted. I’m the Intercontinental champion and will be going to Wrestlemania where I’ll become the WWF champion as well. I have no further use for Big Daddy Tees or any of the other Syndicate members. I carried Tees and the rest of The Syndicate for far too long, they did nothing but weigh me down and hold me back. Mighty Voo Voo may be the son of a jack ass but he made some very valid points about Tees doing nothing to assist or benefit me in the Royal Rumble. And then afterwards the man repeatedly reminded me that he could depose of me anytime he wanted to… I simply beat the dumb son of a bitch to the punch and got rid of him before he could get rid of me. He wants to make something more out of it he can be my guest… it’s nothing personal just business and this is Terry Funk doing what’s best for Terry Funk. I hired a man whose full time job it will be to manage my career a man who I won’t have to compete with in the ring or worry about attempting to upstage me Mr. Jimmy Hart.

Jimmy Hart: Jimmy Hart is back baby! It’s an honor to be back here in the WWF after such a long time. And once again I’m doing what I do best collecting championships. I have the Intercontinental championship now but pretty soon I’ll be adding the WWF championship to my collection when Terry Funk goes to WrestleMania and defeats that selfish, egomaniacal Big Daddy Tees teaching him a lesson in humility in the process. Big Daddy Tees you thought you were using Terry Funk but in reality Terry Funk was using you. But this week because of Tees’ incompetence we find ourselves defending the Intercontinental championship against that freak Mighty Voo Voo. Voo Voo you may fancy yourself a super hero but Terry Funk is the super villain who is going to take you down. You’ll be locked in a cage against the single most dangerous man in all of professional wrestling.

Terry Funk:
Voo Voo I beat you once and I’ll beat you again this time in the confines of a cage. I’m going to take my time and really make you suffer. I’m going to grind your face into the steal and let it tear your flesh from your body. You will rule the day that you decided not to simply let things go and signed on to come after my Intercontinental championship. The Intercontinental championship is back where it belongs around my waist, prestige and honor have been restored to it and I’ll be damned if I allow some freak, some fruitcake who is an embarrassment and disgrace to my beloved profession lay his filthy, disgusting hands on it. This title will never be soiled or sullied again if I have anything to say about it. See you on Monday you no good, low down, putrid, egg sucking dog.

Mean Gene: Ok Gentleman thank you very much for your time.

Terry Funk:
Don’t mention it (shoving the mic into Okerlund’s chest as Jimmy Hart laughs.)

(The end)