(We enter into the locker room area where we come upon Big Daddy Tees, dressed in a shark skin color suit with a black dress shirt and a black and white tie, shiny black wingtip shoes, and like always his favorite accessory The WWF Championship around his waist. Joining him are Mr. Goldstein in one of his sequenced robes and Jushin “Thunder” Liger in his complete backstage attire. The three men appear to be in the middle of an in depth strategy session and aren’t too happy when the camera approaches. They immediately stop discussing whatever it was that they were discussing and Tees begins speaking to the camera operator.)

Big Daddy Tees: Hey what are you doing? Can’t you see we’re in a meeting here?

Camera Man: Sorry to bother you Mr. Tees, gentleman but I just wanted to get a couple of words about your upcoming match against The Loud Violent Riot and the whole Terry Funk no longer being apart of your group situation.

Big Daddy Tees: I thought I made myself clear… in my world Terry Funk no longer exists.

Camera Man: You never said that… you said Terry Funk would pay for betraying you.

Big Daddy Tees: Don’t get cute with me… I know what I said Terry Funk is a dead man. Nobody uses me to get what they want nobody… I’m the person who uses people. Terry Funk will get his in time and a lot sooner than he thinks. But onto this week, Loud Violent Riot we beat you twice and we’ll beat you a third time. You don’t measure up or compare to us. Liger is a Junior Heavyweight Champion in Japan and Goldstein is the reigning and defending NWF North American Heavyweight Champion. These men are proven winners, proven champions where have you been and what have you done? Absolutely, positively nothing. Yours truly is the current WWF champion and will remain so for the rest of my life if I so choose. There is nobody who can or will take this title away from me… nobody. Jack Tunney tried, boy did he ever try he brought in a mystery man Road Warrior Animal and attempted to take my title. He obviously failed as here the title still sits around my waist for I am the champion, the greatest there has ever been or will ever be. I’m going to WrestleMania and it makes no difference who I face. I’m headlining the entire event and will lay waste to whatever opponent is placed before me. I’m walking into WrestleMania as the WWF champion and I’m walking out of WrestleMania the WWF champion. There isn’t anything that Jack Tunney or anyone else can do about it.

(Goldstein then began talking at that point.)

Goldstein: Loud Violent Riot… Sykko and Jon Roth you are 0-2 against The Syndicate and are on the verge of being 0-3. As Tees pointed out you’re just a couple of jabroni’s who are no where near our league or level. We are the crème del le crème the cream of the crop. The Upper Echelon of this wrestling establishment. I alone could buy and sell you many times over and have more than enough money to buy several sports franchises, leer jets and pretty much anything else I wanted. But the fact of the matter is this, I’m not going to buy you I’m going to beat you, and beat you and beat you and beat you some more adding bits and pieces of humiliation in there for good measure just because I can (laughs manically)

(Liger takes over.)

Jushin Liger: You boys don’t seem to get it we’re superior to you in every way. You like a couple of stray dogs who people throw a couple of table scraps who just keep coming back for more until the day comes when someone is left with no choice other than to pull out a pistol, cock it and blow that stray dog straight to hell. Well boys that day has finally arrived in your case. We have beaten you in singles matches and tag team matches we even injured you and you still didn’t get the message well now we’re going to take you out and end your careers for good. Don’t say we didn’t warn you because we did… many, many times you were just too stupid to comprehend and heed that warning.

Big Daddy Tees: Oh and one more thing I’m raising the bounty on the head of Terry Funk to $15,000 to any man, woman or child who can put Terry Funk out of wrestling. Although, I sincerely doubt that the Loud Violent Riot possess the talent or ability to pull something like this off, that offer extends to them as well. Terry Funk you committed career suicide when you walked away from us. If you had any brains in your head you’d walk away from all of professional wrestling you pathetic old man. Your career will be ended sooner or later either by us or someone else but rest assured Funk you’re living on borrowed time now you ungrateful old bastard.

(Tees laughs and the three men depart as the scene fades out.)